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Some of the most talented people I met in my life are through my work & I am so very grateful for that. I absolutely enjoy & appreciate working with the wedding vendors who are passionate for their work, especially those who put their hearts and souls in turning their clients’ dreams into reality. M […]

DWTC Wedding, M Squared Designs

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I met her at a past client’s engagement and wedding. She was fun, bubbly, and loved to talk. That’s how I remembered and expected her to be until….. He entered the room and she was the quietest one. I was surprised. The girl who I knew to be a talker, couldn’t find words. She constantly put […]

Wedding in Dubai World Trade Center – Maitha & Abdulla

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She delicately looked down at her dress and picked it up from one side. I asked her to freeze right there and took a photo. She smiled, stood straight, and fixed her bouquet. I gasped for breath and asked her to hold onto the pose and took another photo. Most of the weddings, I direct […]

Wedding in Multaqua Hall, DWTC – Hassan & Sara

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He was polite. Soft spoken. Respectful. She was outspoken. Hilarious. Bubbly. I thought to myself….Opposites DO Attract. As he patiently listened to my posing directions, from the corner of my eye I saw her cracking jokes, laughing out loud, dancing in front of the cameras. I smiled and continued to take his photos while my […]

Wedding in Dubai World Trade Center – Yazan & Amna

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She was in sajda (prostrate) finishing her prayers when I walked in the bridal suite. While folding her prayer mat, she looked at me & her extremely talented makeup artist Zareen & admitted that she was very nervous. Zareen & I smiled. I hugged her tight and told her she’ll make a gorgeous bride and that […]

Wedding in World Trade Center, Dubai – Faisal & Fatma


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