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She was so precise with the directions. “Look down. Gorgeous. Smile!” I said while standing on top of her sofa trying to take her beauty shot. “I smile big or small?” She looked up & asked me with all her innocence. A bride never asked me that. Startled by her question, I said “Medium!” Next […]

Al Barsha, Dubai Engagement – Yousef & Khadija

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My phone flashed an unknown number. I picked up the phone and held it between my ear & shoulder as I was getting ready for a meeting. “Hey. It’s Mohamed. Meera’s husband. Our wedding is this weekend.” I put my blush down on the table. He got my attention because it was very rare that […]

Wedding in Al Jawaher R&CC, Sharjah – Mohamed & Meera AlMatrooshi

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It was certainly not the best first-impression I made. She called me a day before our meeting when I was at the gym (good-old-days) and mistakenly I saved her name as Latifa hence I kept calling her with the wrong name. That’s how I remember our first meeting. It was like meeting a close friend who […]

Sharjah Engagement – AbdelRahman & Khadija Fikri

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Its like no one exist when both of them are together. They were laughing, joking, talking like two childhood buddies. As much pleasure it was watching them lost in their own world, although I had no idea what the conversation was about as it was in Arabic, I just had to bring them back to the […]

Jumeirah Beach Hotel Wedding, Dubai – Humaid & Layla

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I was kinda surprised to see 5 ladies, a bunch of children, and 2 maids sitting in a coffee shop. It was the most number of people I have seen in the first client meeting.  Her family & mother-in-law seemed super excited and helped her along the way with her wedding planning & I was […]

Wedding in Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai – Muath & Mahra


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