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I have always been a big fan of flipbooks. I’m no Picasso [not even close] but I sure am a strong believer of ‘nothing-is-impossible’ especially in the world of technology. So I thought, if not exactly a drawing flipbook, I can at least have something close to it. And I couldn’t think of a better wedding […]

FlashBack Friday – FlipBook

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When I met Nasser’s family the second time, I told them that I had a phone-conversation with Afraa. The first thing he asked was “how does she sound?”  His curiosity for the girl, whom he was to marry soon, had all of us smile wide. Nasser is the down-to-earth yet confident, man-of-his-word, well-mannered guy who […]

Wedding in Al Ain Convention Center – Nasser AlDarmaki & Afraa

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Instead of doing a tradition post for the wedding of Maram & Ali, I’d like you to know these two adorable sweethearts more personally. Following are just a few facts about the two accompanied with their wedding details which was made extremely fun by their friends & family. ~*~ Ali ~*~ ~Ali was born in […]

Wedding in Crowne Plaza, Dubai – Ali & Maram

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As she handed me the shoes and jewelry boxes for detail shots, she pointed out a box of flowers with a small-note attached to it. Her eyes twinkled as she explained that it was a gift for Saeed that she’ll be giving him. When Saeed arrived at the bridal suite, Moza couldn’t help but smile […]

Wedding in Al Mizhar Hall, Dubai – Saeed & Moza

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She’s a quite person who enjoyed moments of solitude. But all that was about to change when she met Marwan. She was smitten by his presence. And why wouldn’t she? Marwan was the quite guy who listened to her keenly, loved her deeply, and make her laugh unstoppably. On the wedding day, as the evening […]

Wedding in InterContinental Hotel, Dubai – Amna & Marwan


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