Out of Office

I’ve certainly got the heart of a hustler, but beginning January 6, 2019, I’ll be tearing myself away from work to travel and attend my cousin’s wedding. I will remain available to those of you sending emails and when I return, on January 17, I’ll be ready to share my next big undertaking for the new year.


If you need to reach me, please email me at info@rimahassan.com or fill out the Contact Form  💌 I will try my best to reply back to your emails in a timely manner ❤

Do you have exciting plans for this year?
I’d love to hear about them so we can swap stories when I return.

Al Jawaher, Sharjah Wedding – Aisha & Abdulaziz

It was so obvious how much he tried to contain his excitement and extreme adoration for her as he first laid eyes on her. How could he possibly contain himself when his beloved Aisha, adorned with dazzling diamonds, looked like she stepped right out of a magical fairytale. She coyly and lovingly looked up at him and just like that their love lit up the whole room.

“Like ‘helwa'” my videographer whispered when I asked her how the newlyweds looked in the videos she was capturing. She could not have said it better. Aisha and Abdulaziz made one super sweet couple, like helwa! True love, indeed!

Aisha and Abdulaziz celebrated their eternal love at Al Jawaher RCC in Sharjah. The ever so sweet bride and groom’s families danced and laughed the night away in the tastefully decorated ballroom done by super talented Haifa from Afkar Events. The mellow mint green and light lavender decor filled the room with peace, tranquility, and love – very reflective of both Aisha and Abdulaziz’s personalities. Aisha’ fairytale gown was designed by Esposa-Dubai and she excellently paired the dress with a killer pair of  Manolo Blahnik shoes. Her dazzling jewelry, I have no words for. I will let the photos do the talking.


Dearest Aisha and Abdulaziz,

I vividly remember your engagement & had been waiting to see and photograph to capture your big day since then. Thank you again for your trust and friendship. I felt absolutely honored to be a part of your big day. What I felt in that room, I know was true love. May you both find a true companion within each other, somebody to share good and bad times with, to lean on, and with time to fall deeper in love with (if that’s even possible!) and most importantly, stay for ever sweet ‘like helwa’ 😉 I pray that your loving gazes and super sweet smiles continue to grow with time, forever & always. Ameen.


Madinat Jumeirah Wedding – Afra & Mohamed

Her face lit up as soon as he entered the bridal suite.
“Hiiiiiiiii…..I missed you!” She said meaningfully with a gorgeous smile. “I haven’t seen him in a month.” She explained as all the girls present in the room smiled at her excitement. “MashAllah! MashaAllah! You look like a flower…” he uttered when looking at her. Of course, his wide smile was speaking much more than he did, describing his feelings for her.

“He’s cute right?!?” she turned around to ask everyone.
I laughed out loud and said “that’s the last question you want to ask so many girls…” to which she replied “No, I get flattered!”she literally was on cloud nine. Uber cute, I thought to myself. The bride and groom, their reaction upon seeing each other on the wedding day, and their love story, was so intensely unique hence resulted in two things: (1) a grand wedding day that was a reflection of them (2) my heart beamed and did the happy dance.

Mohamed & Afra celebrated their majestic wedding in Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai. The ballroom was luxuriously decorated with all real flowers and the stage was done in a special 3D projections by LeMariage. Afra wore a stunning bridal gown by Sanja Millican and Christian Louboutin heels. I had utmost fun photographing her absolutely unique breathtaking jewelry.


Dearest Afra & Mohamed,

If dictionaries would have photos next to the words to explain them, I would put your wedding photo next to Cuteness. And Love. Thank you for letting me witness your love and giving me the honor of documenting your first day as Mr. & Mrs. I pray that you both alwayssssssssss cherish each moment of your lives together. May you both feel immense excitement upon each other’s sight & always find comfort in it. Forever. ameen.

~ Rima

A super especial shout out to Sumayya (Mohamed’s sister) from being so incredibly awesome!!! I absolutely adore you Sum. Second, shout out to Stephanie (from LeMariage) who made my job easy and was super fun to be around. You rock girl!

Crowne Plaza Wedding – Ali & Hamda

He picked up a piece of lint from her veil.
Their eyes met and smiles spread across their faces. He took her hand into his, brought it close to his face. Her heart skipped a beat, she smiled, and lowered her eyes in approval. He kissed her hands.

The invisible Sufi dervishes started dancing around them. I stood their stunned by the tranquility of their love.  They were lost into each other’s existence, making them forgot that the videographer, my assistant, and I were watching them. It is rare to find couples who are not afraid to show off their love for each other – loud & proud – especially in the midst of a wedding day. And I…..well, I was loving every second of it.

Ali & Hamda got married in Crowne Plaza, Dubai.  Hamda wore a gorgeous dress by Hessa Bourqiaba and Chanel shoes. Their ballroom was decorated by Tahani AlKhaleej. I had such a pleasure photographing these two dangerously-in-love souls and their amazing families. Oh and I met three past clients’ families and friends. I called it a great night!


Dearest Hamdu & Alawi,

I absolutely love for all that you both are, all that you both had been, and alllllllll that you both are yet to be. Thank you for trusting me enough to document your big day, for being yourselves, for being so open and welcoming. Thank you super much for allowing me to watch your love-story unfold in front of my eyes. I pray that the Almighty keeps your hands into each other’s and may you both always be surrounded by invisible dervishes dancing on the songs of love.

With much much much Love,
~ Rima


Jumeirah Beach Hotel Wedding – Khalid & Farida

She wore the last piece of her jewelry and her long eyelashes lifted up slowly – as hands go up while making a dua (prayer) – and she smiled. Her deep dimples added authenticity to her beauty. I smiled behind the camera.

Only if one could see behind his beard, I was sure he had a dimple if not dimples. He also had the same soft smile, polite gestures, and love for her in his eyes. Looking at both of them together, I smiled behind the camera. Again.

They were so very similar. Well mannered, educated, soft-spoken, and sharing lots of love. There was just one difference. He was cracking jokes and she was the laughing one. It was a perfect difference. They were similar yet still complimenting each other. Flawlessly. I smiled behind the camera throughout the night.

Farida & Khalid celebrated their wedding in Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. The stage/kosha and ballroom was decorated by Essa AlHadad. Farida wore a gorgeous dress from Pronovias and Miss Selfridge shoes. Her bouquet was from Qasr Al Jori.


Dearest Farida & Khalid,

Ahhh….where do I start?!? Meeting, knowing, and documenting your beautiful wedding has been both my pleasure and honor. You two are one of my most sophisticated & fun couples whom I proudly call friends. May the Almighty always showers you with health, success, happiness, and keep your dimples deep with smiles.

With love,
~ Rima

Uptown Mirdif Engagement – Fatma & Yaqoub

She was smiling as usual despite her nervousness. I hugged her and told her that she need not to worry because she looks stunning. She truly did. In her light purple gown, Menbur shoes, and holding her bouquet – she looked even more beautiful.

I had been waiting for this day…
Fatma’s engagement was one of those parties I was enthusiastically anticipating since I met her. This always-smiling girl with a bubbly personality is an absolute pleasure to hang out with. Never a dull moment with her and I just couldn’t wait to meet who will be the lucky man. Her lucky man.

Yaqoub seemed swayed away by her beauty. And of course by her smile. He couldn’t stop smiling himself. Happy to know that his life was about to be lit up by Fatma’s beaming smile.

Fatma & Yaqoub got engaged in Uptown Mirdif, Dubai. I was in love with all the party decorations. From the love quote by the entrance and her jewelry display, to hanging flowers in tiny buckets, wooden tables, white roses in small vases, party-favors of tea leaves in tubes and mouth-watering brownies, every detail was thoughtfully put together.


Dearest Fatma & Yaqoub,

You guys are simply oh-so-awesome! Seriously. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing both of you, both sides of the families & friends, and your party details. I’m super duper excited to see what both of you are planning for your wedding. I’m sure it’ll be full of details, joys, lots of dancing, and sparkling-broad-smiles 😉

With utmost adoration,
~ Rima


InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Wedding – Khalid & Aysha

She was on top of her game.
Way before the wedding, we hung out for a casual coffee and she told me that she was done with all the wedding planning. Everything was checked off the list. I was both surprised and impressed at the same time. Only if I knew that it was just a small portion of surprise….because her wedding day was jaw-droppingly surprise-fully beautiful (I mean it in every way possible).

Aysha is an absolute sweetheart. Confident, poised, caring, full of style, and a walking talking example of grace. I was thrilled to see what she had been planning for her wedding because I knew she wouldn’t settle for ordinary. More than that, I was excited to meet her lucky man, Khalid.

Khalid was absolutely what I imagined a soul mate for Aysha to be. With a confident walk, friendly smile, caring and respectful nature, and eyes with so much care & love for her that I felt short of breath (& words). They looked perfect together. Like moon & moonlight, flower & fragrance, heart & heartbeat. Incomplete without the other half. Giving a meaning to each other’s presence.

Aysha & Khalid’s wedding was celebrated with lots of dancing & love at InterContinental Hotel, Festival City Dubai. Haifa Al Marri from Afkar Events used a unique combination of blue, yellow, & white & real Calla Lillies to decorate their kosha/stage & the ballroom. Aysha opted for  a stunning bridal gown from Esposa, shoes from Gina, and a bouquet by Crochet Flowers.


Dearest Aysha & Khalid,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For being who you are, the way you are, amongst yourself and to others. I feel incredibly grateful for meeting you two and for the opportunity to document both of you on your wedding day. I absolutely adore you two and wish you both a life full of happiness, success, health, and impeccable love.

Stay Fabulous,
~ Rima

Dubai, UAE – Wedding Inspiration

As a creative, my soul craves art. And inspiration.
Looking at art is one thing but creating it feeds my soul.
Without any pressure of the outcome, it feels great to create something just for the sake of creation. To test new horizons. To see the capabilities. To overcome the boundaries and limits. When 2016 started, I promised myself to make time for things that have been pending and a styled shoot was certainly on the top of the list.

I feel so very grateful for the team of creatives who brought my vision to life….

Makeup:  Maryam B.
Hair: Matilda
Dress:  Contessa, Dubai
Bouquet: Crochet Flowers
Model: Elena
Photography & Video: Rima Hassan Photography


Here is a video trailer from the shoot.

Barsha, Dubai Engagement – Mohamed & Maryam J.

She smiled and lowered her eyes in shyness. Then smiled even wider. Knowing how he felt.

With mesmerizing big green eyes, she looked like a goddess in her pink gown. Mohamed entered the room for photo-shoot but stood still for a solid couple of minutes to collect himself. I couldn’t decide if he was simply struck by her beauty or he couldn’t believe that this gorgeous girl is finally his. And the entire universe can guess what happened to my dear heart – it melted!

Most of the brides enquire if I’m available for their engagement/wedding date. Maryam was different. She asked me when I’m available and then arranged her entire engagement around my availability, leaving me both stunned and grateful with her utter thoughtfulness. I couldn’t have been happier to be a small part of her elaborated engagement party because it was full of carefully put together details.

Maryam & Mohamed’s engagement party was celebrated with immense love & joy by their close family and friends in Barsha, Dubai. Maryam’s vision of having a rustic themed party was brought to live by Fiftyfive Degrees who did a marvelous job at decoration the stage, centerpieces, and a beautiful entrance. She wore a pink dress by Dar Sara Fashions and Nine West shoes. Oh and a super cute bouquet of real flowers by Royal Armani Flowers.

Dearest Maryam & Mohamed,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness, consideration, and for your friendship. Photographing your engagement party, meeting your families, and watching you two together made me realize – yet again – how beautiful love is. I can’t wait to see and document your wedding because I know it will be nothing short of perfection & love.

Stay Fabulous,
~ Rima

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Ali & Dhuha

Fumbling with the locks, she seemed to be struggling with the jewelry as I photographed her getting ready. I mean, it wasn’t easy trying to protect the manicured nails. He politely came to the rescue and not only did he manage to open the necklace’s lock for her but also put it on her.

It was such an awwww… moment. Without wasting a second, I clicked through and was able to preserve their ‘moment’.  The best thing was it wasn’t just a moment, he helped her open the locks for the bracelet and earrings as well without her even asking. ‘He’s a keeper’ I thought to myself and of course smiled while clicking through their momentS.

Dhuha wore a customized bridal gown by Hazar and opted for a dull gold shoes by Manolo Blahnik.  She looked immensely stunning. Ali couldn’t help but smile while trying to peek glances at her. Their beautiful wedding was celebrated at Baniyas Ballroom in  Grand Hyatt, Dubai.  The ballroom was decorated with tons of pink and white details and five types of centerpieces.


Dearest Ali & Dhuha,

I adoreeeeeeeeeee you both. And your families too. Documenting both of you was an experience full of awwww moments. I pray that the Almighty showers you both with the utmost blessings. May you both help each other through thicks and thins of life, love and take care of each other meticulously, create and cherish a life full of moments, ameen.

Much love,
~ Rima