How to Deliver Wedding Videos

I received the following questions via my Instagram direct message from a very dear-follower & photographer-friend of mine. I thought to myself, this questions needs to be addressed on the blog so those who have been searching and/or may search for it later in future can find the answers.

She asked: “How do you deal with videography part of the business?
1. Should the video footage be given for selection? (sometimes clients need changes in the final video).
2. How the final edited video should be given to the clients (on a DVD,USB)? Because mostly they end up coming after a year or so that the dvd got broken or it isn’t working due to this-&-that reason.”


Here is my answer:

Firstly, I very strongly believe in putting the best foot forward first!
I show the perfectly curated and edited version of the video to the client for mainly 2 reasons: (a) to avoid confusion with so much raw footage and save time – both mine & client’s and (b) they see the best clips along with transitions & music overlay directly.

During the past 6 years of my business, may be only 3 clients have requested for a specific clip/person to be removed. If a request like that comes across, I make sure the changes are done as per the client’s demand as she’s the one who has to watch-&-live with the video, not me. So I make sure its how she wants her memories to be.

Secondly, in order to grow your business, keep up (if not ahead) with the ever-so-evolving technology. I used to give DVDs to clients. When several of them told me that their new laptops don’t have DVD players, I invested in custom made USBs with my logo printed and started delivering those. So far, 16GB USBs have been working fine for me. When a client has video+crane package, I provide them 2+ USBs so it holds up all the data.

Now, last but certainly not the least, before you deliver the USB or even show the client the edited version of the video, make sure you communicate (yes, bold-ly) with the client during the wedding timeline consultation. Ask questions & listen carefully to the bride. Also set her expectations so she knows that she’ll be (a) receiving the edited video directly (b) on a USB (c) and is responsible for backups. If she wants things/process otherwise, she’ll tell you so in advance!

I hope you gratify your clients with your exceptional communication, work, delivery process, & customer service ♥️

Stay Fabulous,
~ Rima

P.S. Thank you for reading until the end. Here is my ((( virtual hug 🤗 ))) for you. If this post sparked new ideas or helped you think differently in any way, do share your thoughts in the comments below.

5 Tips to Rock The Wedding Dress

Dear Brides,

It may sound simple if I say to “Practice your Dress” but if it was this simple, I wouldn’t be writing an entire blog post about it. Trust me on this one! 🙂

It is very usual that I come across brides who have trouble wearing the dress. They don’t know how the crinoline/jiboon is supposed to be worn. I’ve seen broken zippers and buttons, and what not. To make your wedding day stress-free, here are 5 tips to prepare and practice your dress beforehand.


  1. Practice wearing your dress at least 3-5 times before the wedding day to be comfortable with the fitting, buttons, zipper, lace, ribbons, etc.
  2. Know how to wear the dress with the crinoline (aka jiboon – the underskirt to make the ballgown fluffy).
  3. Try the dress with undergarments to make sure nothing shows & everything fits perfectly. Choose undergarments wisely (ex: strapless garments for strapless dress, etc).
  4. Wear the shoes/heels to practice walking in the dress. It will also help you be sure that the dress’s length is what you like.
  5. Last but not least, PLEASEEEEE try sitting in the dress to be 110% sure that it is possible!


Lovely Brides, I hope this blog post is helpful to you. May you shine in your dress like a rockstar princess!

Your UnOfficial Bridesmaid,
~ Rima

Metropolitan, Dubai Engagement – Mahra & Ahmed

It was so easy to become friends with them.
They are both alike. Soft spoken, respectful, fun to be around.
And of course, in love!
Starting their happily-ever-after with smiles spread across their face, dreams in their eyes, and love in their hearts for each other.

Venue: Metropolitan Hotel, Dubai 🏰
Decorator: AlShadda ✨
Makeup: Amal💄
Dress: Eissa AlJassimi 👗
Shoes: Dior 👠
Bouquet: Dantel Flowers 💐
Photography: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Mahra & Ahmed,

I feel so proud to call you both my friends ❤ Thank you for your trust in my work and for having me witness you first day as officially-together. I pray to the Almighty that you both get happiness, health, and success in whatever you both do, always & forever. ameen.

~ Rima

Al Barsha Hall, Dubai wedding – Maryam & Abdulla

She looked like a doll.
Pretty. Picture perfect. And perky.
Posing for the camera, dancing around with happiness, with a smile to die for.
He continued to smile while looking at her liveliness. Knowing that their new journey is about to get filled with joy & happiness because she is entering his life. As his wife! ❤

Venue: Al Barsha Wedding Hall, Dubai 🏰
Decorator: Forever Events ✨
Makeup: Rose 💄
Dress: Esposa 👗
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik 👠
Bouquet: House of Garden 💐
Photo & Video: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Maryam & Abdulla,

Thank you for your trust, and letting us witness & document your wedding. Your families and friends have been nothing short of amazing. My team & I will always be grateful for the hospitality and love everyone showed towards us. May Allah always shows His utmost attention, love, and mercy towards you both, ameen.

~ Rima

Al Khubaisi Hall Wedding – The Wedding Venue

I am thrilled to share the creativity of the amazing team of The Wedding Venue & their newly designs stage/kosha for a royal wedding celebrated in Al Khubaisi Hall, Al Ain.


The entire ballroom was transformed into a garden with hints of gold, green, and contrasting touch of purple flowers.


Sharjah Engagement – Aysha & Saeed

I tried to explain them the process.
“Okay guys! We’ll have lots of fun. I need lots of dancing, fun, oh and smiles.”
“I can’t stop smiling!” he said innocently without taking his eyes off of her.
A unanimous “awwwww….” of the entire photo and video team echoed in the room. The rest of the night, the same room was filled with their love ❤

Aysha & Saeed’s engagement was celebrated at a private villa in Sharjah. The majlis room was decorated with a kosha of real flowers by HBG events. Aysha wore a breathtaking dress by Oia, Jumeirah. She carried a unique bouquet from Forever Bride. I think I totally drooled over for her absolutely gorgeous Miu Miu heels.


Dearest Aysha & Saeed,

You two have been ahhhhh-mazingggggg & suuuuuper fun to document. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing your beauty, laughter, dancing, and adorable love. Can’t wait to do it all over again, with tons of more ‘awww..’ moments on your wedding day inshaAllah ❤

~ Rima

Al Jawaher, Sharjah Wedding – Sultan & Alya

They were both aware of their surrounding & peoples’ presence,
yet so lost in each other.
Exchanges of smiles, lovable gazes, frequent giggles, and promises of a lifetime.
They both seemed ready to fall Rise in Love!

Venue: Al Jawaher Reception & Convention Center (JRCC), Sharjah 🏰
Stage/Ballroom Decorator: Forever Events
Perfumes: Tibru Weddings
Desserts: Ashk Catering
Dress: Esposa 👗
Shoes: Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) 👠
Photo & Video: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Alya & Sultan,

I am absolutely smittennnnnn by you two ❤ Both of you are just oh-so-adorable mashaAllah that I couldn’t stop smiling throughout & even after your engagement party & wedding day. Thank you for having my team & I to document, photograph and videograph, both your parties and showing us your delightful personalities and love story.

Lots of love and bestestest of wishes for both of you ❤
~ Rima

Wanna Talk about Business?

Most people look at successful photographers/studios and think it is solely because of their amazing skills and techniques. Let Me. Tell You. The TRUTH!!!!

Honest equation of being a successful photographer/studio =  20% of Photography and 80% BUSI-NESS! (get it, busy-ness/business 😉 )

I’ll tell you what…if you are an aspiring photographer, it is easy to find photography techniques on Google. You may also learn by trial-&-error & self-teaching. But one thing that most people will not teach you is how to run the photography, or in fact ANY, business!

Very very fortunately, I graduated with a business degree (majors: marketing & management – graduated with honors – on full scholarship!) So here is my humble proposal to YOU!


  1. Do you want to learn about photography business?
  2. Need help with marketing & social media?
  3. Wanna learn how to write emails/contracts?
  4. Need help selling your services?
  5. Want to build a brand?
  6. Want to be your own boss?

If you answer YES to at least 2 of the questions above, you wouldn’t want to miss this chance. I’m hosting the very first Rima Hassan Photography’s Mixer on 9th December 2017 from 3pm-5pm in Jumeirah area, Dubai, where I will be answering all of these (and some more…) questions. And YOU are cordially invited. Only a couple of seats are left & registration will close on 7 December 2017. All you need to do is fill out the form on THIS LINK.

I hope you join me to celebrate photography & talk business!

~ Rima

Wedding Planning & Setting Expectations

Hello lovely Brides-to-Be,

When I spoke at the Pre-Wedding Extravaganza event hosted by, I shared insights on how to prepare for the wedding, setting timelines, communication, and expectations.

Here is another installment of UnOfficial Bridesmaid‘s post, for those who weren’t able to attend the event, to help brides-to-be with the pre-wedding planning & how to set expectations for wedding vendors & for yourself!


1. Setting Time

  • remind all the vendors of your wedding date and location.
  • discuss timeline with the decorator, makeup artist & hair stylist, photographer, ballroom staff, DJ, etc. All of Them!
  • make sure the checks/payments are made/cleared a week before the wedding.
  • keep grace period for everyone. If the makeup artist told you she will be there by 4pm, don’t expect that your makeup is starting at 4pm. She needs time to arrive, parking, setup her stuff, and then she starts her work.
  • set aside plentyyyyyyyyyyyy of time for the photoshoot.


2. Communication

  • please make sure to discuss details with all appropriate vendors.
  • ask questions & explain yours concerns so the vendors can answer them.
  • if you have a certain concern about photography, like one side of your face better than the other, don’t like the curtain colors of the bridal suite, make sure you discuss it with your photographer.
  • don’t assume you will receive things (projectors, screens, extra pages in the album, extra tables/chairs in the ballroom) that are not mentioned on contract. If you want/need something, discuss the details beforehand with the specific vendor.


3. Setting Expectations

  • how you set expectations of the wedding vendors is what you will receive. If you are late for a meeting, the vendor might think it is okay for you if they are late. Set their expectations right.
  • make sure to explain each vendor how important time is for you. If everything is going in a timely manner, you will enjoy your wedding to the fullest. I PROMISE!


I hope these tips help you plan a wedding of your dreams. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Your UnOfficial Bridesmaid,
~ Rima


Pre-Wedding Extravaganza – Bloomingdale’s Dubai

I feel so humbled when invited me to speak again (for the third time to be exact) at their Pre-Wedding Extravaganza event to help the future brides-to-be hosted at Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall.

Pre-Wedding Invitation

I was able to speak alongside some wonderful wedding vendors including We Do Weddings & Events (wedding planner), Pret A Papier Design (invitations & stationary), (party favors & gifts), Magnolia Bakery, The White Boutique (catering), Bloomingdale’s professional team of makeup artists & jewelry specialist, and florist. All the wedding experts gave extremely useful tips to the future brides to help them plan their fairytale wedding.


I spoke about how to prepare for the wedding, timelines, budgeting, communicating with the vendors, and setting expectations. I will blog about these in details under UnOfficial Bridesmaid category for the future brides who were not able to attend.MyList_Event_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0001

Thank you super much to Line & Stefanie from for inviting me to speak at the event & for such an educational and successful event. I hope the brides use all the ideas, tips, and tricks while planning their wedding day and it helps them achieve the day of their dreams.

~ Rima

P.S. The past two’s events that I spoke at can be found HERE & HERE.