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My oh My…It’s mid February already. Today, I woke up on the sad-side of the bed. Prayed Fajr 🧕, had my karak-chaye ☕, and as things were starting to slowly pickup, I thought of YOU! 🥰 Yes YOU!!! Whether you are my past bride, future bride, blog-reader, Instagram friend, Youtube subscriber, Pinterest follower, or wedding industry […]

Thank You for Everything!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! On this day all about love, I’m just brimming with heart eyes for all of you! So in honor of each of you, I want to make sure you know the depths of my affection for you! I don’t know what you’re up to today, but I hope it involves enough […]

A LoveLetter

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Books, movies, articles, poems, songs…. I’d welcome everything & anything that has to do with love. As the Valentine’s day marks the calendar today, I just wanted to say out loud how much I love LOVE! <3  I hope you cherish & Celebrate Love not just today, but each & everyday… <3

Celebrate Love!

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Dearest You, I know our life is unusual. We work at different days of the week, our personalities are two different poles, and our point of views may differ at so many topics (including menu). Especially when looking at it from a third person’s eye but it doesn’t matter because we get each other. Thank you […]

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