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She looked like a dream! 💭 Too beautiful, too courteous, too humble, too lovable, ….just too good to be true! 👰🏻 Yet there she was. In reality. Standing next to him. Like his own dream came true. Making him unable to take his eyes off of her. He had a heart full of love for […]

Al Ain Wedding – Mahra & Mohammed

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Dear Brides-to-Be, Have you ever wondered how to prep your skin for your wedding day so the makeup looks flawless and lasts for hours?!? ✨ Believe me when I say that I worry for your makeup just as much as you mainly because a good makeup artist can save photographers hours of retouching. But even […]

5 Things you should know about Wedding Makeup

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The dazzling light of their love was shining upon everyone around them. Anyone who came even near the circumference of their presence, felt happy. As if, these two beautiful souls were walking on clouds, tossing some sort of invisible magic stardust on everyone 🌨️ The subtle brushes of hands, the humble smiles, their existence and […]

Al Barsha Hall, Dubai Wedding – Ali & Zahra

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Do NOT think I’m exaggerating,
when I say that everybody was dancing! Seriously! Everybody including me and of course my heart danced as well…

Zabeel Ladies Club Wedding – Lina & Ahmed

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The sky was lit by the moonlight, their stage with the sparkling firecrackers. They were planting seeds of love, filling the voids in their hearts. Their love was making them surrender theirselves, to the glory of each other’s being. Their union will always be remembered, for its magnificence, glory, and love <3 Venue: Grand Hyatt, […]

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Manar & Ahmed


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