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Every time I visited Pakistan from USA, my uncles used to ask me the same question repeatedly. “What do you like better – Pakistan or USA?” When I got married and moved to Dubai, the question remained the same with the addition of “What do u like the best – Pakistan, Dubai, or USA?”  My […]

15 Reasons Why I love Dubai

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‘April showers bring May flowers’ but you’ll find mother nature awfully kind to Missouri’s Botanical Garden because I found gorgeous flowers there even in the beginning of April. It was my first time visiting a botanical garden, everrrrrr, which made it a lot more fun to go around, witness, smell, & photograph the beauty of […]

Missouri Part 3 – Botanical Garden

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Missouri is also known as the Cave State.  Always inspired by nature, I knew I had to go visit the caves.  Beneath the fertile rolling hills of the Meramec Valley, lies a complex of mineral formations and color as rare and unique as they are beautiful, Missouri’s buried treasure. These jewels of nature which took thousands […]

Missouri Part 2 – The Cave State

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This is my third trip to Missouri, the Cave State. I flew alone when I visited my in-laws last two times. This trip is special because my husband came to USA for the first time. I’m enjoying looking at things through his eyes. Also, I got to see/do a lot more fun things such as visit […]

Missouri Part 1 – The Gateway Arch

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I still remember the 1 hour 20 minutes train ride to university.     I used to study for exams, read books, listen to my iPod, and watch other passengers get on & off the train trying to figure out where they might be coming from, where they are heading to, and how their day […]

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