Out of Office

I need you to take it VERY seriously.
I’ve sequestered myself in my home office determined to finish my to do list until next month.
Just Kidding. I’m actually just visiting my family because some family-time is dearly needed. I will be out of Dubai from 16 October until 8 November ✈️
If you need to reach me, please email me at info@rimahassan.com or fill out the Contact Form  💌 I will try my best to reply back to your emails in a timely manner ❤
I’ll be back before you miss me! ☺️

Norway & Sweden

After spending a total of 54 days in Norway-Sweden-Houston-NYC-&-NJ, I’m back to home sweet sweAt home Dubai and can’t wait to share my adventures from the latest wanderings. Here is another installment of #RimaTravels to Norway & Sweden.


Stockholm, Sweden

You need to buy shopping bags for anything you purchase which can get annoying butStockholm was all about Go-Green and I loved it.  The people were very friendly but the weather is as moody as Pakistani Aunties. The shops have amazing decors (IKEA was founded in Sweden – duh). Oh and Swedish are obsessed with H&M & McDonalds because I found the stores for these brands in every corner. The highlight of Stockholm for me was when I found a Pakistani’s souvenir shop & the owner invited us for a karak chaye. Something I whole-heartedly cheered for!
Oslo, Norway
Free internet Everywhere. It may not sound as a big deal but they Norway had the bestest of Internet I’ve ever experienced. Ever! The hustle bustle of the city center and easy to commute to hotel was a delight. The cherry on top of the icing is when I found this Pakistani halal food restaurant with the best Samosas (that marked the only day I didn’t had pizza on this trip). Oh and the entire Norway seems to be obsessed with Vikings. From the museums to cute souvenirs, Oslo was all about Vikings (and the weird trolls everywhere). The National Opera & Ballet House was a beautiful building.
Leknes, Norway
The main reason I took this entire trip was to see Lofoten Islands. Since they don’t have an airport of their own, you have to take a flight to Bodo & then a 15 minute private-jet ride to Leknes airport (definitely the smallest plane*ride*airport I’ve ever seen). The views from the plans are breathtaking and Leknes itself is peaceful as well. I watched and documented the sunset at Haukland beach (it never really sets though as they had midnight sun). In a small town Leknes, I witnessed the biggest full moon I’ve ever seen. Oh and did I mention that the town is so small that everything is literally 13-15 minutes drive away.


Bergen, Norway
By the time I arrived Bergen, I was homesick. It was continously raining but the upside was that the restaurants in Bergen’s city center are open until 4 am (YASSS!) and I found this amazing halal food hidden gem that was worth every penny. The Colorful houses on top of mountains look beautiful and there are several sources of transportation to explore (bus – train – cruise). Bergen would’ve been boring for me if it wasn’t for the trip to Flåm. To get to Flåm, I decided to take Fjords trip on a cruise. Once in Flåm, I drove this tiny electric car all the way to the top of the mountain & the view from there was breathtaking & mighty. Then a beautiful train ride through the mountains and oh-em-gee, I’ve never witnessed this many waterfalls in one place ever before.
Lofoten Islands, Norway 
Surreallllllll. Lofoten Islands was my absolute favorite destination on this entireeee trip. The red fisherman’s cabins add so much beauty & perfect pop of color to the brown mountain backdrop & blue waters. The beautiful sky adds more admiration to the place. Although it was a bunch of islands & the place I stayed at (May’s Apartments – studio apartment better than 5* hotels) seemed like a remote village yet they had absolutely amazing WiFi & facilities.  Lofoten Islands were unbearably cold at night but truly are a photographer’s heaven.

Hope you enjoyed Norway & Sweden thorough my lens. Until we meet again with other wanderings of mine, do check out my past travels around the world.

Already looking forward for future adventures,
~ Rima (The Explorer)

Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I know it has been long since I posted my last travel blog to Salalah, Oman.

I made a total of six trips (Oman, USA, Pakistan, USA & then Pakistan twice again) within this year and I am so grateful for all the friends & followers who followed along the journey via my Instgram stories. I generally don’t share blog posts from USA and Pakistan as they are mostly family trips but this year, #RimaTravels to experience a new country, Thailand, and its three destinations – Bangkok, Phuket, & PhiPhi Islands.

Since this was a last minute trip and I wasn’t carrying my professional camera, here are glimpses of Bangkok through my iPhone.

Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0001First stop was Bangkok & it was alright. I only stayed there for a day, felt awfully sick and was very tired from a long plane ride so didn’t enjoy the hustle bustle of the city as I usually do. Plus, the street-food stands were making the atmosphere stink.
Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0005Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0002Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0019Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0004I thoroughly enjoyed Phuket’s laid back atmosphere, late-night open markets & of course shopping. The serene sunsets and rides around the city on a cute rental Vespa Scooter were the highlights of my trip. I continuously sung ‘rotay howe, atay hain sab….’ from the movie Muqaddar ka Sikandar while speeding up on the scooter. Fearlessly 😉


From Phuket, I took a boat-ride to Phi Phi Islands. The water & sky were terrific. The beaches in-between islands looked like paradise. Traveling from Dubai & Pakistan, I was thrilled to see that the sky & waters looked beautiful shades of blue, the enormous islands and palm trees green, and colorful boats decorated the port of Phi Phi Islands.Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0009Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0010Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0006Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0011Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0012Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0016Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0013Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0014Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0017

Thank YOU for following along the journey and I hope you enjoyed Bangkok through my iPhone photos. To follow along my future travels, you may watch my stories on Instagram and/or on SnapChat { RimaHassanPhoto }.

Here is to future adventures,
~ Rima (The Explorer)

Salalah, Oman

When a client booked me to cover her brother’s wedding in the Sultanate of Oman, my heart did its happy dance. For several days.

It truly felt like ages since #RimaTravels
The fun doubled because this trip was work + pleasure and thank you lord for an amazing associate photographer and a friend who turned out to be an expert on Salalah, Oman and literally made this trip three times more fun.

We stayed in Oman for three days and after the wedding day, we rented the car and explored Ain Garziz, climbed the stairs on Ain Razat, the beautiful Al Mughsayl Beach, Sinkhole Shaat, watched camels on the roadside, serene views of palm trees along the beach and roads, did my silly dance on top of the mountain and of course drove for miles and miles to find the much needed dose of my Karak Chai.

I hope you enjoy Oman through my lens.
To follow along my journey (and travels), you may watch my stories on Instagram and/or on SnapChat { RimaHassanPhoto }.

Cheers to many many more adventures!

~ Rima (The Explorer)

Santorini, Greece

Ever so often my heart wants to explore new places.
Travel gives me power, imagination, hope, memories, and of course photos. Since the island of Santorini had been on top of my list for quite some time, I felt so privileged to be able to go explore it (#RimaTravels finally!).

Santorini is what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island and created what we now call Caldera. The white houses with absolutely gorgeous background of blue sky and water were incredibly calming and exactly what I need after working non-stop for the past eight months. The cherry on top of the icing was that I got to meet (again) one of my favorite photographers – Vangelis – and his family whom I proudly call friends. Make sure you check out his work. He’s exceptionally talented.

Through photos, I had a good idea that the island had lots of stairs but no one warned me that there were a kazillion stairs everywhere. I was also surprised to find that people there are obsessed with donkeys’ milk. They have donkey milk soaps, donkey milk moisturizers, hand lotions, etc.  Jokes apart, the absolutely breathtaking views of this island made me realize that if you are or have been wrecked, don’t let the past destroy your beauty. Bounce right back up! If you need extra energy, you might want to consider donkey’s milk.

Following are some of my clicks from this trip.


Oh and here is a short video from the trip.

Do let me know how you liked Santorini through my lens.
Oh and also share if there is a place you recommend for me to go next ❤

~ Rima (The Explorer)

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Happy New Year – 2016

2015 – My oh my…. (phew)

This past year has been nothing short of a blessing.
The journey wasn’t a carved straight path. And it definitely wasn’t all happy-happy. I cried a few times at the verge of giving up, missed a few goals, stayed up late half the year to keep things on track, tried to avoid blunders (okay I wasn’t 100% successful in that but the key word is tried 😉 ),  but celebrated each failure.

I am proud to exceed my goals of weddings this year, booked weddings that felt right, got to meet amazing couples & some extremely creative wedding industry vendors, completed my lens kit, extended my team, the blog-visitors increased exponentially, and I explored 4 new countries with 10 destinations in 5 international trips throughout the year *high five*.

I feel so grateful for experiencing life in so many new ways & also feel overwhelmed by how gracious God has been. I can’t thank HIM enough.

I am so incredibly excited for what 2016 has in store. The calendar is filling up with fabulous weddings, new business ventures, goals to be achieved, and dreams to be chased. I feel a stronger desire to be a better wife, daughter, friend, and artist.

Thank you so much for being a part of journey. I wish you a super Happy New Year – 2016 – from the bottom of my heart. May it be filled with joy, love, peace, & success, ameen.

Cheers to a Fearless & Fabulous year!

What Goes Around, Comes Around!

I have looooooove/hate feelings for travels. I absolutely love exploring new destinations but hate packing. Don’t mind long flights but hate jet-legs. Always return back home with fresh mind and ready to conquer the world but also suffer with post-travel depression. Especially when it involves meeting family during the travels.

As I returned back to Dubai from USA two days ago (and still trying to fix my sleeping schedule), I have been dearly missing my family, friends, and mostly my nieces & nephews aka Monsters, Inc. Long night conversations with my sisters, mom’s delicious food, hugging little nieces & telling them stories, laughing with best friends on old jokes, hustle-bustle of NYC…

This trip made me realize (yet again!) how strong of a support-system and backbone my family & friends have been in making me who I am today. They always support me to turn my can’ts into cans and my dreams into plans. They still forgive my mistakes, give best advices, push me to go farther, dream bigger, help me be a better person – both personally & professionally – and give me the light of hope in the darkest of nights. They are my dream anchor.


As I sat in front of my laptop trying to make a schedule for edits, album deliveries, scheduling meetings with prospective clients, and replying back to emails & inquiries, I am extremely glad that I made the trip. Because at the end of the day, I can always come back on schedule, the edits, emails, meetings will always be there but the chance of meeting the family on the other side of the world might not be.

If you are a work-a-holic like myself, take time out today and call your family/friend or a loved one. You never know how much it might mean to someone. Surround yourself with positive people who will make you better and try to be someone else’s dream anchor….

Remember – what goes around, comes around!

Amsterdam – The City of Bicycles

It wasn’t long after I realized its a Big World out there & felt the urge to explore more, my husband and I had a chance to go on a spontaneous trip to Amsterdam – the city of bicycles. By spontaneous, I mean we booked the tickets in the afternoon and flew the same evening. With least expectations and not a set in stone itinerary, unpremeditated trips turn out to be the best.

For Amsterdam, the city with 780,000 people & over 881,000 bicycles, extensive canals, amazing museums, even more amazing public transport, and not-so-amazing-drug-dealers, I chose to do a black & white series of photos for this trip. Hope you enjoy them.


Science Center Nemo

Science Center Nemo

Amsterdam_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan Amsterdam_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan

Street Musicians

Street Musicians

Palace on Dam Square

Palace on Dam Square

Apartments & Restaurants by the Canals

Apartments & Restaurants by the Canals

Amsterdam_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0008 Amsterdam_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0009



Streets of Amsterdam

Streets of Amsterdam

Extensive Canals


Amsterdam_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0013 Amsterdam_Photography_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0002

Keep Exploring!

~ Rima

15 Reasons Why I love Dubai

Every time I visited Pakistan from USA, my uncles used to ask me the same question repeatedly. “What do you like better – Pakistan or USA?”

When I got married and moved to Dubai, the question remained the same with the addition of “What do u like the best – Pakistan, Dubai, or USA?”  My patriotic heart screams ‘sab se pehlay Pakistan’, the head shakes & my brain smirks with the thoughts of USA, but my answer is always the same – DUBAI!          

Although I dearly miss my family and cousins in Pakistan, and friends from college, university, and mosque in USA – I have to admit that Dubai has won my heart and following are 15 personal reasons why I love Dubai.

  1. HALAL FOOD! (yes, in big bold+italic+underlined capital letters). Born a foodie, I can dine out or order something to be delivered, tension-free.
  2. Best of both worlds i.e. a perfect mixture of Pakistan & USA. You can easily find Ragú and Shan masalas in the aisles of any grocery store. From Khaadi’s shalwar-kameez to Forever21, you’ll find everything in Dubai.
  3. Easy access to the rest of the world. Countless airlines fly to all parts of the world and reach any destination in no more than 13 hours (including USA).
  4. Winters. If I were given a choice, I can spend allllllll the winters in Dubai for the rest of my life. Lots of outdoor activities and dinning out in beautiful weather, Dubai’s winters are like Paris (on desert).
  5. burj_khalifa_Dubai_UAE_why_i_love_dubaiSelf-Made. Dubai might seem artificial to many people but you have to give credit to the people and government for their efforts for building an artificial paradise on sand.
  6. Dream cars, signature brands & authentic restaurants. Although I’m not a crazy-car-junkie but I have never, ever, seen as fastest, most expensive, beautiful cars in the whole wide world as I have witnessed in Dubai. You’ll know you are in Dubai when you see Police roaming around in Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, and Aston Martin. Ohhhh Yeah! As far as brands and food is concerned, simply goto the world’s biggest mall – The Dubai Mall – and be in awe.
  7. Big grand weddings. If you want to witness the grandness of Dubai’s weddings, go look through the wedding photos I photographed.
  8. Women facilities & Safety. You may go out in jeans, skirts, shalwar-kameez, or abayas, no one cares. I love the women’s only gyms, clean separated public bathrooms and mosques for ladies in the malls.
  9. Tax Free! The salaries, shopping, dinning, etc are all tax free. Don’t get your hopes too high, everything is pretty expensive here but if you are a bachat-pack-person, you will survive just fine! I also have to mention that Dubai’s money has lots of barakat (or may be I’m one of the bachat-pack)
  10. Crowd. I love love loveeeeeeeee the diversity in Dubai. You’ll find here educated, humble, helpful, and people of all races, accents, and colors (except for purple).
  11. Architects’ dreamworld. From the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, sail like 7 star hotel Burj-ul-Arab, to the twisted building (that I don’t know the name of) in JBR – Marina, Dubai has some fascinating buildings and the number is consistently growing.
  12. Free home delivery service (I can write an entire blog entry on this). Imagine calling the grocery store 5 times a day for 1 lemon, 2 tomatoes, and chocolate and all these are delivered to your apartment. For FREE!
  13. My apartment. The place I call my very own home. My dream come true!
  14. Maids!!! A shout out to Dilwara (my maid). I adore you!
  15. And last but not least, muslim showers in the bathroom!!! I don’t know why some racist would name the hand showers ‘muslim showers’ but I had to convey the point. I mean, Pakistan is still in the Lota-mode, USA doesn’t have those, the entire Europe didn’t, and even Turkey didn’t have those. I almost hugged the hand shower when I came back home after a month.

I loveeee Dubai. Every bit of it. Next time you are in town, holla!
Let me know where you are from and what the city is like. I may visit it next time! 😉

Missouri Part 3 – Botanical Garden

‘April showers bring May flowers’ but you’ll find mother nature awfully kind to Missouri’s Botanical Garden because I found gorgeous flowers there even in the beginning of April. It was my first time visiting a botanical garden, everrrrrr, which made it a lot more fun to go around, witness, smell, & photograph the beauty of nature in the form of beautiful, unique, (and weird) flowers/plants. Even the leaf-less tress were so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist capturing their photos.  This is my last post of Missouri because I will be visiting & photographing New York City tomorrow but I just had to share some of the photos from the trip.


Be like a flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it – Imam Ali


I’ll write/share photos of NYC but until then, keep spreading the colors of love!