Baku, Azerbaijan

After visiting Norway & Sweden earlier this year, my heart had been wanting to explore at least one more new destination before 2018 comes to an end.

This has to be one of the most spontaneous trips I’ve ever taken. This is exactly how it went down: I covered 2 weddings over Friday & Saturday. Sunday I checked my schedule for the rest of the week and found it very flexible. Moved around a few meetings (a super shout out to the amazing & most understanding brides). Booked the tickets on Sunday. Packed my bags overnight. And flew to Azerbaijan super early on Monday morning.

Don’t listen to what they say. Go SEE!

Here is another installment ofย #RimaTravels. This time,ย to Azerbaijan!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Azerbaijan is a lot more developed and tourist friendly than its neighboring country Georgia (I have no clue why I still haven’t shared a blog from my visit to Georgia).

Few things in Azerbaijan left me absolutely fascinated. The mud volcanoes, AteshGah, Jabl al Nar (the fire mountain), Four Beauties waterfalls, left me in awe by the miracles of the Almighty.

On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed the new side of the city like Hyder Aliyev Center (gorgeous curvy architecture), Jumma Mosque, & the hustle bustle of Nizami street.


Hope you enjoyed Azerbaijan thorough my lens. Until we meet again with other wanderings of mine, do check out my past travelsย around the world.

Already looking forward for future adventures,
~ Rima (The Explorer)

Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I know it has been long since I posted my last travel blog to Salalah, Oman.

I made a total of six trips (Oman, USA, Pakistan, USA & then Pakistan twice again) within this year and I am so grateful for all the friends & followers who followed along the journey via my Instgram stories. I generally don’t share blog posts from USA and Pakistan as they are mostly family trips but this year, #RimaTravels to experience a new country, Thailand, and its three destinations – Bangkok, Phuket, & PhiPhi Islands.

Since this was a last minute trip and I wasn’t carrying my professional camera, here are glimpses of Bangkok through my iPhone.

Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0001First stop was Bangkok & it was alright. I only stayed there for a day, felt awfully sick and was very tired from a long plane ride so didn’t enjoy the hustle bustle of the city as I usually do. Plus, the street-food stands were making the atmosphere stink.
Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0005Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0002Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0019Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0004I thoroughly enjoyed Phuket’s laid back atmosphere, late-night open markets & of course shopping. The serene sunsets and rides around the city on a cute rental Vespa Scooter were the highlights of my trip. I continuously sung ‘rotay howe, atay hain sab….’ from the movie Muqaddar ka Sikandar while speeding up on the scooter. Fearlessly ๐Ÿ˜‰


From Phuket, I took a boat-ride to Phi Phi Islands. The water & sky were terrific. The beaches in-between islands looked like paradise. Traveling from Dubai & Pakistan, I was thrilled to see that the sky & waters looked beautiful shades of blue, the enormous islands and palm trees green, and colorful boats decorated the port of Phi Phi Islands.Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0009Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0010Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0006Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0011Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0012Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0016Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0013Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0014Bangkok_Travels_Female_Photographer_Dubai_Rima_Hassan_0017

Thank YOU for following along the journey and I hope you enjoyed Bangkok through my iPhone photos. To follow along my future travels, you may watch my stories onย Instagramย and/or on SnapChat { RimaHassanPhoto }.

Here is to future adventures,
~ Rima (The Explorer)

Dubai Art Season – SIKKA14

Last weekend, my husband & I had the pleasure of meeting & joining more than 40 photographers for a fun photo-walk organized by The Emirates Photography Forumย and Dubai Culture & Art. We toured through the famous Bastakiya in Bur Dubai and then took the abra ride from one end of Dubai Creek to another. It was an extraordinary experience because of Dubai Art Season’s SIKKA event. SIKKA is the first annual initiative of its kind founded by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority to support and showcase Emirati and Dubai-based artistic talent. ย ย 

You may visit EPF’s Facebook pageย to see amazing work of some very talented photographers. Following are some of my clicks from the photo-walk.