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Unlike the first snow of the season, my nieces happened to be all ready to play in the snow today. Since I always try to capture their innocence & craziness, I decided to photograph them. Let me introduce you to them…. Meet Dua again. The 6 vs 26 niece. She’s 6 going on 16. Do […]

Three Musketeers

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They asked: If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them? Show us ONE. I Smiled. Then I smiled wider. I thought to myself how much easier the question would’ve been if they simply asked […]

You are the One!

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She came in the room quietly and sat next to me. As I finished the draft of a blog entry, she rested her head on my left arm. I scrolled the screen to proofread before publishing the post. She jumped and sat back up. “Hey!!! Rima Khala…that’s ME?!?” “Yes, it iSsSsS…” I said proudly as if […]

6 versus 26

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Happiness comes in various forms and shapes. While some people find happiness in products, others find it in places and/people. For Me, happiness is…. eating biryani, hanging out with my sisters, laughing until the tears roll from my eyes, long conversations with best friends, ping sound of a new text message, helping someone, watching Pakistani […]

Happiness is…

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In order to assemble my random thoughts and bring a few chuckles out of them, I will be posting episodes of YAYs & NAYs.  I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to share yours in the comment box. YAY – for having Great Friends. You can be your awkward self without being judged and not […]

YaYs & NaYs


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