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Self-quarantine might not be on your bucket list but this is the best time to do & check off the things that you always wanted to do…

10 Things to Do While Self-Quarantine

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“Why should I hire you? I mean, what makes you different?” she asked over the phone. My mind started running a 100 miles per second. I wanted to tell her that she should hire me because it was a once in a lifetime event of hers. Because I pour my heart and soul into my […]

Things I Cherish the Most

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It was certainly not the best first-impression I made. She called me a day before our meeting when I was at the gym (good-old-days) and mistakenly I saved her name as Latifa hence I kept calling her with the wrong name. That’s how I remember our first meeting. It was like meeting a close friend who […]

Sharjah Engagement – AbdelRahman & Khadija Fikri

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My phone rung at 3:00 am in the morning. I opened one eye to look at my phone screen and it was a call from my eldest sister in New Jersey. ‘Oh God!’ I said under my breath because in my head, calls at this late at night (or shall I say this early in […]

Fear of Failure

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An entire month of fasting, resting, praying, more resting, meeting clients super late night, and some more resting felt like being on a spiritually lifting vacation without leaving the home.  Although all my schedules (sleeping, yoga, gym, eating, etc – except for work) are completely thrown off but I throughly enjoyed the bounties, blessings, and favors […]

Eid Mubarak – 2014

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