RAK Engagement – Haya & Mohammed

She looked exactly like Huda Kattan.
Stunning, poised, and lots of fun.
Her smile was lighting up the room, making everyone around her joyous.
The very beautiful bride’s lovable personality & heartfelt laugh was the reason behind everyone’s smile Especially his…

Haya & Mohammed’s engagement was celebrated at Ras Al Khaimah Hotel. The ballroom was decorated by Mohannas. Haya wore a cute baby pink dress from Baloushi Couture, heels from Christian Dior, and diamonds with pearls jewelry.


Dearest Haya & Mohammed,

Thank you super much for being absolutely lovely! I feel so grateful to be able to document your first day as husband & wife, for your friendship, and for the warmest welcome by your family and friends. I pray to Allah that he showers you both (as well as your families) with His love and mercy, forever.

~ Rima

Hilton, RAK Engagement – Fatma & Saeed

Oh boy, where do I begin? From the moment I entered the venue I knew this engagement would be one vibrant and lively occasion. Fatma was in the midst of being dolled up when I arrived so I turned to the banquet hall to cover the decor and kosha/stage shots first.

They say “everything that glitters is not gold” but that was not the case here. Everything glamorously glittered because everything WAS gold! From the beautiful ornate candelabras to the little delicately packaged wedding favors everything was gilded in gold and looked STUNNING. The decorators did an excellent job bringing to life the hall at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah.

…and that was only the beginning. I was just about finished shooting the decor when I was informed that Fatma was ready. Upon entering her bridal suite, my jaw dropped. I had yet to see such a bold and daring engagement dress. Fatma wore it confidently, like no other. The royal blue dress was adorned with colorful peacock feathers and Fatma paired it perfectly with matching blue Christian Dior heels. To top everything off, Fatma’s jewelry dazzled from across the room and was hard to miss.

Dearest Fatma and Saeed,

You both made my job so fun that day. Both of you had such bubbly and attractive personalities and I only pray you bring even more life, vibrancy and color to each others’ lives, ameen.

Much appreciation,
~ Rima