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Hope is what drives us all. Well, most of us. I have big dreams and even bigger hopes. Sometimes I’m surprised by my own hopes. For example:       When I have french fries and hope to burn more calories than I’m consuming. Staring at the pile of washed laundry hoping for it to be […]

(in)Finite Hope

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I still remember the 1 hour 20 minutes train ride to university.     I used to study for exams, read books, listen to my iPod, and watch other passengers get on & off the train trying to figure out where they might be coming from, where they are heading to, and how their day […]

Remember where you came from…

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Some days… mind can be all ‘fast & furious’ and goes about 100 miles per minute to fire the tiny little neurotransmitters holding a kazillion thoughts… It was one of those days…… When during a regular phone conversation I randomly asked…. Me:  Do you believe in unconditional love? Him:  (without wasting a second) That is the […]

100 Miles / Minute…

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It has been more than 1.5 years that I haven’t visited family and friends back in USA. So after a lot of planning and yet-to-be-done packing, I need to make the announcement that I’ll be in New Jersey in October for a couple of months to meet up with Brides-to-Be & finally getting together with family […]

USA – Here I come again!

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