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Mona & Nayef!!! What can I say about these two beautiful souls who are in crazily in love with each other. Not in the stare-at-me-and-I-will-blush way rather in a very unconventional look-at-me-and-I-will-smug way. The type of love everyone in the room feels. I had the honor of photographing their wedding which was filled with laughter, […]

Wedding at Marriot Al Jaddaf, Dubai – Mona & Nayef

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I have looooooove/hate feelings for travels. I absolutely love exploring new destinations but hate packing. Don’t mind long flights but hate jet-legs. Always return back home with fresh mind and ready to conquer the world but also suffer with post-travel depression. Especially when it involves meeting family during the travels. As I returned back to […]

What Goes Around, Comes Around!

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If last year was my Year of Travel, this year would surely pass as the Year of Growth. 2014 was nothing short of a blessing!!! I was honored to meet & photograph amazing couples, dreamt bigger than last year, met some of the most inspiring industry vendors and feel blessed to call them friends now, my blog […]

Happy New Year – 2015

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I walked joyfully toward the wedding in Al Badia Golf Club, super excited to photograph a venue with a pond on one side and Dubai’s skyline on the other.  As I got closer, my heart and jaw both dropped.  I couldn’t find the bride & groom’s table, few tables had no centerpieces, no lighting, high level of pressure, and […]

The Girl Who Can Do Wonders

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Sometimes in the midst of crazy wedding season, client meetings, album deliveries, and so on, I want to step back and photograph without the pressure of wedding itself. I met Akram, the owner of Crochet Flowers, at a past wedding (note-to-self: blog that wedding).  After a few days, we hung out and proposed an idea of […]

The Magic of Imagination


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