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Everyone has a different way of seeing & expressing love… I see love reading in between the lines. I see love when people hold hands, in the unspoken words, thoughtful gestures, whispering compliments, inside jokes, understanding without saying, in helping with household chores, in eating together, in sharing fries, reading books together. I see love […]

How I See Love…

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Books, movies, articles, poems, songs…. I’d welcome everything & anything that has to do with love. As the Valentine’s day marks the calendar today, I just wanted to say out loud how much I love LOVE! <3  I hope you cherish & Celebrate Love not just today, but each & everyday… <3

Celebrate Love!

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Ayesha & Tariq celebrated their wedding in Saint Regis, Abu Dhabi. Their ballroom was decorated by Hamasat weddings. Ayesha wore a gorgeous bridal gown by Ezra Fashion, Dubai & shoes from Saint Laurent. I really liked her idea of party favors with roses in a glass jar and logo of her and Tariq’s initials in Arabic letters were found in different details.

Saint Regis, Abu Dhabi Wedding – Ayesha & Tariq

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This always-smiling girl with a bubbly personality is an absolute pleasure to hang out with. Never a dull moment with her and I just couldn’t wait to meet who will be the lucky man. Her lucky man.

Uptown Mirdif Engagement – Fatma & Yaqoub

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She looked shy but her smile was dazzling, reaching the corners of her eyes; knowing that the love in his eyes is absolutely raw.

Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai Wedding – Eissa & Roudha


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