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She’s a quite person who enjoyed moments of solitude. But all that was about to change when she met Marwan. She was smitten by his presence. And why wouldn’t she? Marwan was the quite guy who listened to her keenly, loved her deeply, and make her laugh unstoppably. On the wedding day, as the evening […]

Wedding in InterContinental Hotel, Dubai – Amna & Marwan

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I twisted and turned sleepless in my bed because the room felt hot. My weather app showed 97 degrees Fahrenheit in Dubai. At 1 am. I closed my eyes and thought of the beautiful sunny days with cool breezes of Turkey from my three day stay at Turkey during Dubai-USA trip.        OhMyGod!!! I […]

It’s a Big World out there

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Somedays I would have long conversations with my husband about ups & downs of life and fear of failure that comes along with it. It is very comforting to speak of these things out loud without being judged. The man really knows how to deal with the crazy Rima, Bollywood corrupted Rima, overly hyper Rima, ambitious Rima, […]

Split Personality

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Hope is what drives us all. Well, most of us. I have big dreams and even bigger hopes. Sometimes I’m surprised by my own hopes. For example:       When I have french fries and hope to burn more calories than I’m consuming. Staring at the pile of washed laundry hoping for it to be […]

(in)Finite Hope

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Ever wonder what life would be like without risks? Would achieving your goals be as fulfilling & satisfying without hurtles? Would success taste so sweet if it was presented to us ready-made on a platter? Ummm…..May be. But it wouldn’t be thrilling!    I still remember how terrifying it was to:     Start up […]

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