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As I gave directions to them, I watched how adorably he picked up a loose piece of her hair and carefully put it behind her ear. She smiled and looked at him with gleaming eyes. No words were spoken yet – in that moment –  the promise of taking care of each other for a […]

Wedding in JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai – Ahmad & Ebtesam

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It felt like their thought process was aligned. They were reading each other’s mind without uttering a single word. They knew what the other one wanted without asking. There were times they were naughty and annoyed each other but it always ended with laughter and embracing each other. With love. Marwa, the quite yet friendly […]

Wedding in Al Boom Tourist Village, Dubai – Marwa & Jassim

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It was my first time meeting her because she hired me on the phone. Haneya is a cousin of my past bride who referred her.  Her too much calmness was surprising.  I asked her if she’s nervous and she said “It’s not hitting me that today is my wedding.” We both smiled and I assured her […]

Wedding in The Meydan Hotel, Dubai – Nabil & Haneya

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As much as I like elegant weddings, I absolutely loveeeeeee colorful, funky, fun henna parties. Needless to say, Marwa & Jassim’s henna party was one of them. I met Marwa through two of my past brides. Our first meeting was an hour and half long and I have to admit that we couldn’t tell how […]

Henna Party, Dubai – Jassim & Marwa

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When I met Nasser’s family the second time, I told them that I had a phone-conversation with Afraa. The first thing he asked was “how does she sound?”  His curiosity for the girl, whom he was to marry soon, had all of us smile wide. Nasser is the down-to-earth yet confident, man-of-his-word, well-mannered guy who […]

Wedding in Al Ain Convention Center – Nasser AlDarmaki & Afraa


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