The Glamorous Affair – Styled Shoot

When Louma (from Design by Louma) and Zeina from Jive Events asked me to be a part of a styled photo-shoot they were planning, I absolutely jumped on the opportunity. Not only because I knew them for quite some time, but also because I am well aware of how great they are at what they do. I knew they are both professionals and best in their leagues & won’t settle for anything that is less than perfect!

My heart is beaming as I share some photos from “The Glamorous Affair” styled shoot. Heavy florals with a lot of blooms in soft and delicate shades were paired with crystal centerpieces. Peonies, white anemones, and roses in white, cream and pink were perfectly paired with soft greenery for contrast. Shades of pleasing pinks and gold created a feel of luxury to the décor and pops of bright pink & gold added the extra edge – or should I say Glamour –  to it all.

Here is a short video trailer from the shoot.
Hope you are ready to handle the Glllaaaaammmmour! 😉

A sincere Thank you & Kudos to the wonderful team for bringing this entire shoot to life:

Planning and styling: Jive Events
Stationary: Design by Louma
Flowers: Mesopotamia Flower
Tabletops and favors: Galeries Lafayette TDM via My List
Table linens: Table Top Events
Furniture rentals: Mint Experience
Venue & cake: The Hamptons Cafe
Bridal wear & accessories: Vanila Wedding Boutique
Hair & make up: London College of Make-up in Dubai, artist Kasia Domanska
Model: Alaa
Photography & Video: Rima Hassan Photography



Khorfokan Wedding – Abeer & Omar

“Do you know any good caterers?!?” He asked me during our first meeting. Unfortunately I didn’t as I don’t get a chance to meet caterers on a wedding day but I told him to make sure that their wedding food is great because guests will not notice anything and/or will forget everything except for the food. He smiled and said “In this case, we won’t have the food then. Because I want them to notice her…” pointing towards the beautiful Abeer.

We bounced off ideas regarding how McDonalds/KFC vouchers can be given to the guests so they can eat on their way back. I was absolutely smitten by their personalities and how they were around each other. It was our first meeting which ended up with laughter over food. And it didn’t end there…

On the wedding day, she looked like a gorgeous super model and He was all smiles around her. The princess, who took care of everyone and everything around her, was finally with her prince charming who will take care of her and I had no doubt that Omar will be successful at keeping Abeer happy. Forever.

Abeer & Omar got married in Royal Hall, Khorfokan. Their stage/kosha and ballroom was decorated by Mabrook Events. I loved the perfume table by Rose Kazan Perfumes. Abeer rocked her bridal gown, Chanel shoes, and a gorgeous white bouquet. Her enormous cake was made by her sister’s local shop called Mr. Cake.  The bride and groom made their entrances on live music and entertainment was provided by Red Rose Production. Of course, their wedding photography and videography were covered by Rima Hassan Photography.


Dearest Abeer & Omar,

Thank you so very much. For everything. You both kept me involved throughout your wedding planning process like a close friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations over wedding bouquet colors, stage lighting, acrylic flooring, and of course food. Your wedding day was exceptionally joyous & I feel so blessed to be a part of it. I pray that the Almighty showers you both with eternal love, extreme care, and unmatchable kindness as your both deserve nothing but the best.

Much love,
~ Rima

Sharjah Engagement – Aisha & Abdulaziz

I walked into the villa’s main entrance and stopped to admire the setup (and of course to SnapChat it).

White orchids were gracing the rustic themed centerpieces made of woods with baby’s-breath & candles. “So, what do you think…??” A guy asked me. “I’m loving this!!!” I said loud and proud and asked him what’s his name. “Abdulaziz” he replied. “OMG, you are the groom…” I said in semi-disbelieve & very impressed. He was running around to make sure everything’s perfect. And indeed everything was perfectly perfect.

I went inside the house to meet Aisha and announced “He’s a keeper!” She gave a million dollar smile as she knew it already. Her sincere smile was so alluring that I smiled too and had no doubt that it’ll be a great night for me and a great life for them, together.

Aisha & Abdulaziz celebrated their full of details engagement party in Sharjah. I loved their families and enjoyed every moment of watching them together. Aisha looked stunning in her purple dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, holding a white bouquet, and wearing the gorgeous diamond jewelry set. Abdulaziz looked handsome wearing a white Kandoora (traditional Arabic men’s dress) and was very popular amongst kids as they surrounded him while he hugged them lovingly.


Dearest Aisha & Abdulaziz,

Thank you from the core of my heart for trusting so much (without even meeting me) & hiring me to document your first day as husband and wife. Watching you two together made my heart full. Aisha, your beauty and Abdulaziz’s gentleman-ness is to the extreme. I look forward to see what you guys are planning for your wedding. Both of you are amazing human beings and when you are together, your awesomeness multiplies to a 100th power ❤

Cheers to Happiness & TarBoooooshas! 😀

Much appreciation,
~ Rima

Al Ain Rotana Wedding – Fatin & Obaid

Both of them had the same smile.
The same way of smile.
Or may be the same reason to smile for…
To be together…forever.

She was all smiles when I reached her bridal suite. Sitting in the makeup chair, she was radiating a positive energy. He was smiling and seemed so very happy when I went to the ballroom to photograph it. I was in awe when I saw both of them together. Their smiles got wider, more meaningful, and full of life. The happiness along with positive energy was filling the rooms. Bright, lively, illuminating. Like rays of love.

Fatin and Obaid celebrated their wedding at Al Ain Rotana Hotel with their loved ones. Their beautiful kosha/stage and ballroom was decorated by Dream Wedding Services. Fatin wore a gorgeous bridal gown from Hazar Fashion. I was in love with her bouquet because the real flowers were not only pretty but had an amazing smell as well. My personal favorite was the O&F logos for thank you note holders that she got made on order all the way from India.


Dear Fatin & Obaid,

You two are so0o0o0o0o cute. I throughly enjoyed photographing both of you and documenting your wedding day. Thank you for having me and my team and honoring us to be a small part of your big celebrations. I pray that the Almighty showers you with all his blessings, bounties, and all the things that make both of you smile, ameen.

~ Rima

Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai Wedding – Eissa & Roudha

They spent their entire lives as neighbors.
Not knowing that that the orbits of love were revolving around them – waiting for them to meet and be each other’s forever.

Once I heard that if you want to see how a man will treat his wife, see how he treats his mother. When I saw the relationship Eissa shared with his mother and sisters, I knew for sure that Roudha will be treated like a queen.

Roudha certainly looked like a queen as she sat on her wedding stage. I couldn’t wait till Eissa sees her because I knew the feeling from their engagement and henna party. As he entered the ballroom and walked towards the brightly lit stage to take his place, he didn’t take his eyes off of her – not even for a split of a second. There was something spectacular about the way he looks at her. As if no one else exists but her.

She looked shy but her smile was dazzling, reaching the corners of her eyes; knowing that the love in his eyes is absolutely raw. My little heart did a happy dance. It made me believe that no two people in the history have ever looked happier than they did in that instant. Couples like them make me fall in love deeper with what I do. I literally took their wedding booking so I can watch them look at each other. To watch love in its purest form. Young, without boundaries, audacious love….

Eissa & Roudha got married in Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai. Their black and gold kosha/stage and ballroom was decorated by Special Moments. Roudha looked breathtaking in her customized bridal gown from Arushi Couture. She carried a beautiful bridal bouquet from Fiore Designs and her Menbur shoes carried her elegantly. I loved the mini dresses, shoes, and crowns for the flower girls.


Dearest Roudha & Eissa,

Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your wedding day and letting me witness your love. I feel beyond honored to be able to photograph you both three times (engagement, henna, and wedding) and my heart feels so content with watching your love story unfolding before my eyes. You both are gems & shine more in each other’s presence. May your love grows exponentially but stays as pure & raw as I saw it…

Much appreciation,
~ Rima

P.S. A hugggggggggge shout-out to all the ladies of both AlJassmi families!!! I know you all have been waiting for the blog. I can’t thank you enough for the hospitality you girls show towards me and always make me feel like a part of the family. I adore all of you from the bottom of my heart ❤

Uptown Mirdif Henna Party – Eissa & Roudha

I loveeeee themed parties.
They are full of details and if done right, they are true to the traditions of the theme. I feel fortunate enough to photograph the following henna party of Eissa & Roudha in Uptown Mirdif.

It wasn’t my first time meeting them. Last year, I was honored to photograph these two lovebirds in front of my camera on their engagement party (and their absolutely amazing wedding will be featured on the blog next week).

Here are a few details from their traditional Arab henna party with tons of colors, details, a well made, oil lanterns, floor cushions, and loads of party favors.

Dear Roudha & Eissa,

Thank you for giving me another opportunity to photograph you both. My heart feels so full and I just can’t wait to write and share all the love I’ve witnessed. But for that, you have to wait just a little more until I figure out how to express my heart the right way, enjoy the photos from your henna party and keep smiling & dancing…

~ Rima

InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Wedding – Khalid & Aysha

She was on top of her game.
Way before the wedding, we hung out for a casual coffee and she told me that she was done with all the wedding planning. Everything was checked off the list. I was both surprised and impressed at the same time. Only if I knew that it was just a small portion of surprise….because her wedding day was jaw-droppingly surprise-fully beautiful (I mean it in every way possible).

Aysha is an absolute sweetheart. Confident, poised, caring, full of style, and a walking talking example of grace. I was thrilled to see what she had been planning for her wedding because I knew she wouldn’t settle for ordinary. More than that, I was excited to meet her lucky man, Khalid.

Khalid was absolutely what I imagined a soul mate for Aysha to be. With a confident walk, friendly smile, caring and respectful nature, and eyes with so much care & love for her that I felt short of breath (& words). They looked perfect together. Like moon & moonlight, flower & fragrance, heart & heartbeat. Incomplete without the other half. Giving a meaning to each other’s presence.

Aysha & Khalid’s wedding was celebrated with lots of dancing & love at InterContinental Hotel, Festival City Dubai. Haifa Al Marri from Afkar Events used a unique combination of blue, yellow, & white & real Calla Lillies to decorate their kosha/stage & the ballroom. Aysha opted for  a stunning bridal gown from Esposa, shoes from Gina, and a bouquet by Crochet Flowers.


Dearest Aysha & Khalid,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For being who you are, the way you are, amongst yourself and to others. I feel incredibly grateful for meeting you two and for the opportunity to document both of you on your wedding day. I absolutely adore you two and wish you both a life full of happiness, success, health, and impeccable love.

Stay Fabulous,
~ Rima

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Mohamed & Maryam Z.

Her thoughts were free to go anywhere.
But it was surprising how they were constantly directed towards him.
Thinking of him (& wanting him to see her as the bride) was making her smile.

She was smiling even when she was annoyed about something over the phone.
As soon as she put the phone down, the entire room bursted into laughter. Including her. That’s what love does to people. Taking them away from the sadness & making them happy. And hopeful. I could totally predict that Mohamed was just as anxious and excited to see her as she was.

As they exchanged first look, I was captivated by their calmness and assurance of their choice.  The room felt quite – under a love-spell as they stood in front of each other – except for the sound of the camera shutters. As if the entire universe was watching them speak through their eyes and smiles…..making promises of a lifetime.

Maryam & Mohamed got married at Grand Hyatt, Dubai. Their kosha/stage was decorated by Klassna Events. Maryam looked stunning in her wedding gown from Ezra Couture, shoes from Manolo Blahnik, and a beautiful bouquet of real flowers from Crochet.



Since M&M were going to Japan for honeymoon, Maryam got these adorable Japanese dolls as props. I absolutely lovedddddddddd them.



I call them Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Lovers…



M&M – together as one!

Dearest Mohamed & Maryam,

Life is a beautiful thing. May yours be bloomed even more by each others’ love. May you always find each other by your side in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health – be the reason of each other’s smile as you were on your first day as husband and wife. May you both live a long healthy life & always love each other in all days of it. Forever…

~ Rima

Barsha, Dubai Engagement – Mohamed & Maryam J.

She smiled and lowered her eyes in shyness. Then smiled even wider. Knowing how he felt.

With mesmerizing big green eyes, she looked like a goddess in her pink gown. Mohamed entered the room for photo-shoot but stood still for a solid couple of minutes to collect himself. I couldn’t decide if he was simply struck by her beauty or he couldn’t believe that this gorgeous girl is finally his. And the entire universe can guess what happened to my dear heart – it melted!

Most of the brides enquire if I’m available for their engagement/wedding date. Maryam was different. She asked me when I’m available and then arranged her entire engagement around my availability, leaving me both stunned and grateful with her utter thoughtfulness. I couldn’t have been happier to be a small part of her elaborated engagement party because it was full of carefully put together details.

Maryam & Mohamed’s engagement party was celebrated with immense love & joy by their close family and friends in Barsha, Dubai. Maryam’s vision of having a rustic themed party was brought to live by Fiftyfive Degrees who did a marvelous job at decoration the stage, centerpieces, and a beautiful entrance. She wore a pink dress by Dar Sara Fashions and Nine West shoes. Oh and a super cute bouquet of real flowers by Royal Armani Flowers.

Dearest Maryam & Mohamed,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness, consideration, and for your friendship. Photographing your engagement party, meeting your families, and watching you two together made me realize – yet again – how beautiful love is. I can’t wait to see and document your wedding because I know it will be nothing short of perfection & love.

Stay Fabulous,
~ Rima

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Ali & Dhuha

Fumbling with the locks, she seemed to be struggling with the jewelry as I photographed her getting ready. I mean, it wasn’t easy trying to protect the manicured nails. He politely came to the rescue and not only did he manage to open the necklace’s lock for her but also put it on her.

It was such an awwww… moment. Without wasting a second, I clicked through and was able to preserve their ‘moment’.  The best thing was it wasn’t just a moment, he helped her open the locks for the bracelet and earrings as well without her even asking. ‘He’s a keeper’ I thought to myself and of course smiled while clicking through their momentS.

Dhuha wore a customized bridal gown by Hazar and opted for a dull gold shoes by Manolo Blahnik.  She looked immensely stunning. Ali couldn’t help but smile while trying to peek glances at her. Their beautiful wedding was celebrated at Baniyas Ballroom in  Grand Hyatt, Dubai.  The ballroom was decorated with tons of pink and white details and five types of centerpieces.

Dearest Ali & Dhuha,

I adoreeeeeeeeeee you both. And your families too. Documenting both of you was an experience full of awwww moments. I pray that the Almighty showers you both with the utmost blessings. May you both help each other through thicks and thins of life, love and take care of each other meticulously, create and cherish a life full of moments, ameen.

Much love,
~ Rima