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I loveeeeee videos. They are powerful combination of visuals & audios. The question is how creative one can be while making/putting a video together. I can easily spend hours video hopping on Youtube & Vimeo watching tutorials, funny clips, classic TV shows, and pretty much anything for inspiration and to see what people around the […]

Talk about Creativity…

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My phone rang again flashing an unknown/unsaved number. Her: Hey, is John there? This was the same woman who called me 3-4 times earlier. Me: Um…No. U called Me again. Her: Oh my god. I’m so sorry. Me: That’s fine. I know you’ve been trying to look for him. Is he okay? Her: Well, I […]

Small Things vs. Big Things

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The train ride home from university after I handed my last exam paper for Bachelors seemed a lot longer than usual. “Now What?!?!?” I thought to myself. As far as I could remember, I was always a student. High school, college, and then university…….my life has always been scheduled by the Admission’s Office of one […]

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