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She looked like a doll. Pretty. Picture perfect. And perky. Posing for the camera, dancing around with happiness, with a smile to die for. He continued to smile while looking at her liveliness. Knowing that their new journey is about to get filled with joy & happiness because she is entering his life. As his […]

Al Barsha Hall, Dubai wedding – Maryam & Abdulla

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The anxiousness was gone. Her stress was relieved and she seemed calmed. She smiled more. Danced more. Loved more. Everything changed as he walked in. Both in the room & her life. Amna & Mohamed’s wedding was celebrated at Al Johara Ballroom, Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, Dubai. The ballroom was decorated beautifully by Dream Wedding Services. […]

Mina A’Salam, Dubai Wedding – Amna & Mohamed

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As we wrapped up the photoshoot, he was about to leave the bridal suite. “We’ll see you in the ballroom Ibrahim!” I said to him. He smiled and said “inshAllah.” Right before exiting the room, he turned around, smiled at her and said “Bistagh-lich!” She smiled and lowered her wa-wa-woom eyelashes with shyness. I couldn’t […]

Bustan Rotana, Dubai Wedding – Bashayer & Ibrahim

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They were secretly sneaking peeks at each other. Their wedding day was the beginning of a long happy life together. I watched through my camera’s viewfinder and had no doubt that their joining together will bring them more joy and happiness than they could imagine. Then I too, secretly said ‘ameen’ in my heart. Celebrated […]

Murooj Rotana, Dubai Wedding – Reem & Ali

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It was a laughing riot. From the moment they were stood next to each other in front of the camera, they continued to laugh, together. It was uncontrollable. Adorably delightful. Without a dull moment in between them.¬†From sharing inside-jokes, holding hands, small pecks of kisses on the cheeks, to gazing into each other’s eyes, they […]

InterContinental, Dubai Wedding – Ayesha & Mohamed


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