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He made his grand entrance in the ballroom towards the end of the night, walking towards the stage without taking his eyes off of her. For a few seconds, he lowered his eyes, thought something to himself, and then looked up again at her. 💭 She looked spectacular. 👰 Upon reaching the stage, he stood right […]

Al Barsha Hall, Dubai Wedding – Fatima & Ali

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Do NOT think I’m exaggerating,
when I say that everybody was dancing! Seriously! Everybody including me and of course my heart danced as well…

Zabeel Ladies Club Wedding – Lina & Ahmed

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The sky was lit by the moonlight, their stage with the sparkling firecrackers. They were planting seeds of love, filling the voids in their hearts. Their love was making them surrender theirselves, to the glory of each other’s being. Their union will always be remembered, for its magnificence, glory, and love <3 Venue: Grand Hyatt, […]

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Manar & Ahmed

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Ayesha & Faisal’s intimate yet extensively fun Indian night was celebrated in their villa. The party was wrapped around with the scents of Mogra flowers (Jasmine) & guests thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food, Madhubala cupcakes, keen attention to the decorations, & dances choreographed on Bollywood songs. Absolutely check out Ayesha & Faisal’s Arabic night & […]

Dubai Indian Night – Ayesha & Faisal

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Her heartbeat’s rhythm sounded like a melody 🎼 Beautiful yet missing some notes, 🎵 until his heart whispered the tune back. 🎹 He held her hands and it seemed like they both became lyricists. 📝 Writing new songs about their journey together! 🎻 …and to me, each one of them sounded like love… ❤ Venue: Grand […]

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Khawla & Suhail


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