Saint Regis, Dubai Wedding – Latifa & Mohamed

She looked up as he arrived at the bridal suite.
A sincere smile spread across her face.
Looking at her nervousness, my associate photographer asked her – “are you feeling shy?” She laughed out loud and nodded “yes!” in agreement.

She didn’t stop smiling since that moment. The difference was, this smile was of a confident girl. She was not nervous anymore. Because he held her hands & his presence by her side was assuring her of a lifetime of ‘happily ever after….‘ ❤

Latifa & Mohamed’s beautiful wedding was celebrated at The Saint Regis Dubai. Their wedding stage/kosha and ballroom was decorated gracefully and with great attention to details by O&M Wedding World. Latifa looked stunning in her white bridal gown, YSL shoes, and carried a green & white bouquet. My video team & associate photographer were thrilled to document Latifa & Mohamed’s elegantly sparkly night!


Dearest Latifa & Mohamed,

My team and I feel very honored & humbled by your kindness, trust, and for the opportunity of documenting your first day as Mr. & Mrs.  I wish you nothing but the bestestestest this world has to offer because you two deserve nothing but the best of allllllll. May Allah always keeps you both surrounded by his highest blessings, covered by his mercy & love – always always alwayyyssssss smiling! ameen.

Much love & appreciation,
~ Rima

Hyatt Regency, Dubai Wedding – Mariam & Ahmed

He made her laugh with all her heart.
She showed him what true love meant.
Supporting each other through thicks and thins of life, they completed each other.
For years to come, they will become stronger together.

Mariam & Ahmed’s wedding was celebrated at Hyatt Regency, Dubai. The ballroom decorations were done by Elite Events. Mariam was beautified by the super talented Layaly, wore a customized bridal gown, Dior heels, and carried a bouquet from Exotica.


Dear Mariam & Ahmed,

Thank you for being the funniest couple ever. Your jokes, laughs, and hidden love in all of that you do will always put a smile on my face. Take care of each other as you do. I pray to the Almighty that you both love and cherish each moment of your lives to the extreme, ameen.

~ Rima

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Muna & Abdulrahman

She has big exotic eyes.
And beautiful smile.
The best part was,  every time she looked at him, her smile reached her eyes.
The sight of him was giving more meaning to her smiles and more depth to her eyes.

She was becoming even more beautiful because of love.
Her love for him.
And His love for her! ❤

Muna & Abdulrahman’s glorious wedding was celebrated at Grand Hyatt, Dubai. The kosha/stage and ballroom was decorated by Forever Events.  Muna wore a Michael Cinco bridal gown with a pair of stunning Louboutin heels and carried a bouquet from Tulip Flower. My team and I feel honored to be able to provide photography and videography for their wedding.


Dear Muna & Abdulrahman,

I hope you both are enjoying the weather & life in San Francisco to the fullest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring me to document your wedding day with all its glory. I pray to the Almighty for all the happiness of this world for both of you. May the two of you enjoy and cherish each millisecond of your lives together and always be the reason for each other’s smile, ameen.

~ Rima

Mina A’Salam, Dubai Wedding – Zainab & Saeed

It was like a tsunami of people.
Jumping up the stage as well as each other to grab the money which was being thrown in the air. It’s always fun to watch (well, almost always). At traditional local Emirati weddings, when the men enter the ballroom towards the end of the wedding night, both sides of the families throw money in the air to show their happiness. The kids, their maids, nannies, and waitresses jump to grab that money.

I’ve seen it happening at almost all the weddings. Except, I saw something remarkable happen at their wedding. As the bride was covering her head and most of her face from the men, she couldn’t see the tsunami of people jumping towards her to grab the money. He stood in front of her to save her from being pushed or falling in the chaos.

I watched his confidence as well as prompt reaction and smiled. He stood there firmly like a wall protecting his breathtaking wife with a heart of gold. I had a strong gut-feeling that she must be smiling from under her veil. Knowing that he was there to protect her and be present with her through thicks & thins of life.

Lovely wedding of Zainab & Saeed was celebrated at Jumeirah Mina A’Salam. The ballroom was decorated by Sayedati Weddings. Zainab wore a stunning gown by The Gloss House from Abu Dhabi, Manolo Blahnik shoes, and carried a Fiore Design bouquet.



& they lived happily ever after….

Dearest Zainab & Saeed,

Your wedding day was as beautiful as you both are.  Thank you for your trust and friendship. I have no doubt that you two will protect each other in all walks of life and be each others’ support. May you both make each other feel strong and always give each the sense of protection that I witnessed on your wedding day. I pray that the Almighty keeps you both blessed with happiness, success, health, and endless love, ameen.

~ Rima

Wedding in Hyatt Regency, Dubai – Noora & Mohamed

I love LOVE.
As much as I like the loud & proud love, I thoroughly enjoy watching two people’s quite love. Its more intense. Pleasurable to read between the lines. It’s the love when two people don’t need words. They speak with eyes, communicate with smiles, and express with small gestures.

That’s exactly the love I witness between them.
The smiles seemed more meaningful when they are around each other.  The gazes are sincere and earnest. Their eyes spoke louder when looking at each other without uttering a single word. Two hearts showing intense conviction of their love for each other….

Noora & Mohamed’s beautiful wedding was celebrated at Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights hotel. Their stage/kosha/ballroom was decorated by ID Designs by Mounia. Noora looked even more beautiful in her stunning bridal gown from Esposa and wore a beige pair of YSL shoes.


My dearest Noora & Mohamed,

Thank you! For reasons beyond explanation. Thank you for trusting me with your not one but three important days. Thank you for inviting me like a friend to your parties and into your lives. Thank you for showing & letting me document your love. You both are ahhhhh-mazing. Seriously! May you both receive alllll the happiness in this world and all that your hearts desire. I pray that the Almighty showers you both with endless, extreme, and eternal love, ameen.

Lots & lots of Love,
~ Rima

Al Mizhar, Dubai Henna – Hind & Yousef

I was impressed by her attention to details.
More than that, I admired her style and swag. Every single thing she chose for her henna and wedding was a reflection of her unique flair. To top it all, her witty & fun personality made the day even more glorious.

Hind & Yousef’s henna party was celebrated at Al Mizhar Wedding Hall in Dubai. The ballroom was turned beautifully into a traditional Arabic night themed party  with tons of details by Dream Wedding Services.  Hind wore a stunning red dress customized from Bahrain paired with SJP‘s shoes. I absolutely loved the lantern she carried instead of a traditional bouquet.

Dear Hind & Yousef,

Thank you for your trust in me and my work. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, your families and friends at your super fun henna party. I can’t wait to share your grand wedding blog with the world. May Allah keep you both happy, surrounded by love, laughter, and makes your lives as colorful and fun as your henna party was.

~ Rima

Ritz Carlton, Dubai Wedding

Upon bride’s special request, I will not be sharing any of the jewelry photos or names of the couple. But my super talented associate photographer and video team did a splendid job with the ballroom details which was decorated by Haifa Al Marri from Afkar Events so here is the gorgeoussssssssssss wedding of two lovely souls celebrated at Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai.


Dearest you-know-who 😉

Know that I adore you and wish you both nothing but happiness, health, success, and tons of unconditional love. Forever & ever…

~ Rima

Hyatt Regency, Dubai Wedding – Hind & Ghazi

She was sitting on a white sofa, in her white dress, looking stunning. Like a princess of some WhiteLand. He entered the bridal suite and smiled wide upon first sight of her. Then he came down on one knee to be on her eye level, held her hand, and shared what was in his heart. Although it was all in Arabic but all I could see & hear was love…love….love…. and more love…

I absolutely adore first-look before the entrances. They leave me lost for words. Every. Single. Time. There is always something so exciting and intimate when bride and groom see each other before everyone else does & share compliments and promises. Ghazi & Hind’s first look is definitely amongst my favorites  ❤

Hind & Ghazi celebrated their wedding in Dubai’s Hyatt Regency Hotel. Their beautiful wedding was decorated by Stayle Essa AlHadad. Hind looked absolutely gorgeous in her white bridal gown from Solida Bridal Fashions and Prada shoes.


Dearest Hind & Ghazi,

You both are adorbs!!! The smiles & love you both shared made me saying ‘awwww….’ every other second. You are two beautiful people that Allah made for each other. Thank you for letting me watch and document your love story. I wish you a lifetime of happiness, health, success, abundance of cheerful moments to hold hands, to make and fulfill promises of love – together & forever, ameen.

~ Rima

Al Jawaher, Sharjah Wedding – Lamya & Mohamed

His heart was like a glass.
Clean. Spotless. Filled to the brim with love for her.
When he thought he can’t love more than this, the sight of her as a bride must have added more love to his heart. Because it spilled in the form of tears.

It took Mohamed at least 4 minutes to get himself together again. He wasn’t to be blamed though. Lamya truly is a stunning girl with a heart of gold. It was like a moment of shinning stars and light when blessings were bestowed from the sky as they became each others, forever. They deserved love in the purest of forms hence they found each other.

If I am ever given a chance to write a novel, I would keep them both in mind as my modern day’s Romeo & Juliet….with a happily ever after!

Mohamed and Lamya celebrated their grand wedding in Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Center, Sharjah. Dream Weddings did a splendid job at decorating a geometrically artistic kosha/stage. Lamya wore a remarkable bridal gown from Monique Lhuillier topped with a crown by Dar Tijan, and Gina heels. She carried an exceptionally unique bouquet from Moz Flowers.


My dearest Lamya & Mohamed,

I have no words to describe how I absolutely, whole-heartedly, adoreeeeeeeeeeeeee both of you – and your love! You two have a very special place in my heart. Meeting, watching, and documenting your love has left me speechless. And utterly grateful! Yes, I feel very very grateful because of you & your trust in me and my work. I am indebted for you for opening your hearts and letting me watch & document your love story unfold in front of my eyes. May Allah showers you both with his highest favors & may your love grows deeper and stronger with every passing millisecond, ameen.

Tons & tons of love,
~ Rima

Zabeel Ladies Club Wedding – Zainab & Hussain

I had met her several times before at weddings.
Clearly remembering her alluring style, I was extremely excited to see what she has planned for her wedding. Only that I didn’t expect to be left in awe & fell short of words...

Suddenly, it was like all the love songs were written for them.
It was adorable how every time she looked up at him, he was already staring at her. She was becoming the smile for his face, beat for his heart.

I couldn’t decide who was more lucky? Hussain for having the ever so gorgeous Zainab by his side? Or Zainab, for having Hussain as her loving life partner. I knew one thing for sure, I myself feel immensely lucky to witness them – looking perfect together!

Zainab & Hussain celebrated their wedding in Zabeel Ladies Club. The elegant kosha/stage was decorated by Flower Boutique and cake was designed by LuCake. Zainab looked even more stunning in her customized bridal gown with drapes of white net around her shoulders instead of a traditional veil. I fell in love with her bouquet, headpiece, and shoes. Everything was as unique & elegant as Zainab.


Dearest Zainab & Hussain,

You two are oh-so-lovable!
I thoroughly enjoyed documenting every single moment of your enchanting wedding. It gave me such joy to meet 5 of my past brides (again) who I proudly call friends and dancing with them on the stage made your wedding day so much more memorable for me. I pray that you both always choose to love, honor, respect & adore each other.  May you both make each other feel complete & perfect, ameen.

~ Rima