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He was effortlessly succeeding at putting a smile on her face. Cracked jokes that made her calm and lighten up. She, on other hand, made his heart & life full. Completely. They felt right in each other’s presence. Felt home regardless of where they are… They had this incredible way to making each other’s hearts […]

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Hamad & Ghaya

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Some of the most talented people I met in my life are through my work & I am so very grateful for that. I absolutely enjoy & appreciate working with the wedding vendors who are passionate for their work, especially those who put their hearts and souls in turning their clients’ dreams into reality. M […]

DWTC Wedding, M Squared Designs

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He wished that he found her sooner, so he could look at her more, make her smile wider, laughed at her jokes louder, made her eyes sparkled earlier, He wished he found her sooner, so he could love her longer…. Batool & Salman’s beautiful engagement / milcha ceremony was celebrated surrounded by family, friends, and […]

Dubai Engagement – Salman & Batool

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Everyone has a different way of seeing & expressing love… I see love reading in between the lines. I see love when people hold hands, in the unspoken words, thoughtful gestures, whispering compliments, inside jokes, understanding without saying, in helping with household chores, in eating together, in sharing fries, reading books together. I see love […]

How I See Love…

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The dazzling light of their love was shining upon everyone around them. Anyone who came even near the circumference of their presence, felt happy. As if, these two beautiful souls were walking on clouds, tossing some sort of invisible magic stardust on everyone 🌨️ The subtle brushes of hands, the humble smiles, their existence and […]

Al Barsha Hall, Dubai Wedding – Ali & Zahra


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