Al Jawaher, Sharjah Wedding – Irhama & Nada

I saw beauty, without limits.
I saw promises, without spoken words.
I saw affection, without restrictions.
In its most authentic form.
I saw them, holding each other’s hands! ❤ 
Dancing without music.
Smiling without reasons.
Loving each other, without any conditions…

Venue: Al Jawaher Reception, Sharjah 🏰
Decorator: Forever Events ✨
Makeup: Gada💄
Dress: Ezra Couture 👗
Shoes: Aquazzura 👠
Bouquet: Al Joori 💐
Photography & Video: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Nada & Irhama,

You Two! ❤
Together!! ❤ ❤
And your Love!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you for having me witness the beauty and love that surrounded you both. I feel unable to describe in words how grateful I feel to be able to photograph your wedding and even more grateful to call you both my friends (alhamdullilah x a million). May you both cherish each other & celebrate each and every moment of your new journey together, forever – ameen.

Lots of love,
~ Rima

How to Photograph in Low-Light

Dear Photographer Friends,

Dark ballrooms, bridal rooms, and outdoor parties with poor ambience-lights are wedding-photographers’ worst nightmare. We have allllll been through it! I’m not a photography guru but I don’t mind sharing what I learned through 6 years of experiences and things that have worked for me.


Here are my personal tips and tricks that help me with low-light situations and I hope these tips work for you as well ❤

  1. Wide aperture: For me, anything less than F4 is wide aperture. I like using wide apertures for producing bokeh, in bride’s portraits to avoid cluttered rooms, and especially when the rooms or outdoor events don’t have enough light.

    I also use external lights (especially for bride’s jewelry details) hence I avoid wide-apertures just so the actual diamonds are sharp in focus.

  2. External Lights: Ice-lights, soft-box, video light, flash, you name it! I loveeeee using external lights for ballroom details & centerpieces. They add an umph to the photos and differentiate between the main subject and the fore/background. Adding constant external light also helps with focusing hence results in sharper photos.


  3. Bounce Speedlite/Flash: First off, Invest in a great flash. Second, learn how to use it to its full potential. Third, look for low ceilings and/or white walls because they are amazing to bounce off flash light. I use Canon Speedlite 600 EX RT ii on camera for the ballroom details and then from the time the bride makes her entrance in the ballroom until the end of the night.

    In the following photo, the party was outdoors hence no natural reflectors as I couldn’t bounce the light off of the ceiling & ice-lights were not powerful enough to light such a big space. Instead, I used the entire villa to bounce off my flash’s light on the entire dinner-table-setup.


  4. Flash on manual: Thisssss!!!! As most photographer’s use their flash on ETTL (auto mode), I use my flash on M-A-N-U-A-L. The light is consistent in photos instead of the flash making guesses. It is easier to use flash on manual than on ETTL mode (try it & let me know how it works for you).
  5. Battery-pack for flash: Using flash on manual mode requires a lot more battery power hence doesn’t recover as fast as it does in ETTL mode. I use Godox’s PB 960 battery pack with a wire connected to the flash. It looks like a flask and one additional thing for me to carry throughout the night but hey, it works for me. Call me old-school but I would rather look silly carrying additional stuff and have my work speak for itself! 😉Godox_PB_960_battery_Pack

I hope these tips help you tackle the low-light situations. If you have tips that you’d like to share and/or questions about points I made above, or this post made you think differently, please free to leave a comment below ❤

Your friend,
~ Rima

Love You. Mean it.

Today I need to thank you.
Yes, YOU, lovely reader, for your lovely comments, awesome suggestions, & your constant support on my blog & my Instagram where I share my passion for wedding photography, travels, tips & tricks for brides-to-be as well as for photographers, and quotes to live by.


More than you could possibly realize, you help me to rise to new challenges with the questions and requests you throw my way.

I really thought you ought to know that, friend.
Love you. Mean it. ❤

Palazzo Versace Wedding – Sultan & Wedad

Her nose crinkled every time she laughed.
As soon as he entered the bridal suite, it was as if nothing else existed except both of them. He stood close to her, whispering in her ear, making her laugh out loud. And her nose, it crinkled throughout the night – making her look even more beautiful.

I stood there and thought to myself….so this is what love does to people?!? It makes them shine like stars. They looked absolutely perfect together & complimented each other in the best way possible. Like summer & ice-cream. Like shell & pearl. Like smile & a dimple. Like Sultan & Wedad ❤

Venue: Palazzo Versace, Dubai 🏰
Decorator: Tibru Weddings ✨
Planner: One n Only Weddings 🎩
Makeup: Joy💄
Hair: Matilda 👑
Invitations: Modern Printing Press 💌
Dress: Custom made 👗
Bouquet: Bliss Flowers 💐
DJ: Kadooj 🎧
Photography: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Wedad & Sultan,

Thank you from the bottom of my ❤ for being so incredibly warm, welcoming, & for trusting me to document your big day with all its glory. Your beautiful union as well as the loud-&-proud love reminds me why I love my job so much. I pray to Allah that you both brighten each other’s day – everyday – for the rest of your lives. Cheers to joy, health, making memories, and eternal love…

Much love & appreciation,
~ Rima

How to Deliver Wedding Videos

I received the following questions via my Instagram direct message from a very dear-follower & photographer-friend of mine. I thought to myself, this questions needs to be addressed on the blog so those who have been searching and/or may search for it later in future can find the answers.

She asked: “How do you deal with videography part of the business?
1. Should the video footage be given for selection? (sometimes clients need changes in the final video).
2. How the final edited video should be given to the clients (on a DVD,USB)? Because mostly they end up coming after a year or so that the dvd got broken or it isn’t working due to this-&-that reason.”


Here is my answer:

Firstly, I very strongly believe in putting the best foot forward first!
I show the perfectly curated and edited version of the video to the client for mainly 2 reasons: (a) to avoid confusion with so much raw footage and save time – both mine & client’s and (b) they see the best clips along with transitions & music overlay directly.

During the past 6 years of my business, may be only 3 clients have requested for a specific clip/person to be removed. If a request like that comes across, I make sure the changes are done as per the client’s demand as she’s the one who has to watch-&-live with the video, not me. So I make sure its how she wants her memories to be.

Secondly, in order to grow your business, keep up (if not ahead) with the ever-so-evolving technology. I used to give DVDs to clients. When several of them told me that their new laptops don’t have DVD players, I invested in custom made USBs with my logo printed and started delivering those. So far, 16GB USBs have been working fine for me. When a client has video+crane package, I provide them 2+ USBs so it holds up all the data.

Now, last but certainly not the least, before you deliver the USB or even show the client the edited version of the video, make sure you communicate (yes, bold-ly) with the client during the wedding timeline consultation. Ask questions & listen carefully to the bride. Also set her expectations so she knows that she’ll be (a) receiving the edited video directly (b) on a USB (c) and is responsible for backups. If she wants things/process otherwise, she’ll tell you so in advance!

I hope you gratify your clients with your exceptional communication, work, delivery process, & customer service ♥️

Stay Fabulous,
~ Rima

P.S. Thank you for reading until the end. Here is my ((( virtual hug 🤗 ))) for you. If this post sparked new ideas or helped you think differently in any way, do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Al Jawaher, Sharjah Wedding – Amal & Ali

His presence was making her stronger.
She was smiling a lot. Glowing. Believing in herself.
Blooming more than flowers do in spring. Shining more than the sun after the rain.
Ready to live out loud. Faster than the heartbeat. Ahead of dreams.

Venue: Al Jawaher Reception, Sharjah 🏰
Decorator: Dream Wedding Services ✨
Makeup: Hind 💄
Dress: Pronovias 👗
Shoes: SJP 👠
DJ: Shooj 🎧
Photography & Video: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dear Amal & Ali,

Thank you for being wonderful, humble, welcoming, and for having my team & I to document & share the joys of your beautiful wedding day. I pray to the Almighty that He blesses you with the best because you both deserve nothing less. May you both reach the highest of success, love, happiness, and compassion & stay as humble and adorable as you both are, ameen.

Much appreciation,
~ Rima

Wedding Albums – Your Legacy is Worth it

Dear Brides-to-be,

Every now and then I’ll have a bride requesting that she does not require an album and only wants photography done. I clench my heart and always wonder why? I suppose the main reason is to cut down the collection’s price.

If you ever happen to find yourself pondering upon the idea of whether to get an album for your big day or not, then continue reading.

I want you to question yourself – “how would I like to share my wedding day with my grand children?”  If you just answered ‘via Facebook albums or Instagram’ then hold onto the thought…are you 110% sure Facebook will exist in 10, 20, 40+ years? Remember MySpace? Still use it? I didn’t think so….Wedding_Albums_Dubai_Female_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0003Albums, on the other hand, are timeless. Pricey? May be, but they are absolutely priceless. Regardless of the size of the album, a printed book will never go out of style. No batteries/recharging required, and doesn’t need to keep up with the fast-changing-technology. Trust me! You’ll thank me later…Wedding_Albums_Dubai_Female_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0006Another good reason to consider is how much you are spending overall on your wedding? The venue – one night rental. The stage – one night rental. The makeup – you will wash it the same night. The dress/bouquet – you won’t use again. Jewelry & shoes – yes, they are reusable but how much can you use them? Photography + video – the only things you get to keep. Forever. Am I saying the other things are not important, not at alllll!!! You can’t expect great photos if the makeup/venue is not good or your dress/shoes are not the right fit. But again, spend the money wisely.


The best time to order the albums is with your photography package because as the days, months, years pass by after the wedding, couples care less for the day. If you are on a budget and need to wait to order the albums after the wedding with gift-money, its still perfectly fine. What you do with your images, how you display them, care for them, is just as important as making sure to hire a professional photographer for your wedding day.Wedding_Albums_Dubai_Female_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0002

I strongly believe that albums are your legacy.
And your legacy is worth it!

My Thankful List – Embracing it All!

It has officially become a yearly ritual.
Like the past 4 years, today marks the birthday of my blog and I can’t wait to celebrate it with this year’s thankful list. It’s always serves as a reminder of the year that has ended and a hope for a better future.

I’m thankful to the Almighty for accepting my prayers regardless of my negligence.
I’m thankful for being alive and making through the roughest patches of life.
I’m thankful for my health – that allows me to eat, pray, work, & travel, alhamdullilah.
I’m thankful for my family – for not reminding me of my mistakes.
I’m thankful for friends – for accepting me with my flaws.
I’m thankful for my clients – they are my cheerleaders & business anchors.
I’m thankful for #loveletters – they validate that I’m doing what I love & doing it right.
I’m thankful for a kick-a** hardworking team – they are best of the best!
I’m thankful for continuous growth – both personal & professional.
I’m thankful for books – my best-friends during long days & sleepless nights.
I’m thankful for online-shopping – it satisfies my addiction of retail-therapy.
I’m thankful for my camera, blog, readers & followers – I ❤ You all!
I’m thankful for Ladies Club membership – it has become my happy place.
I’m thankful for my therapist – regardless of her expensiveness.
I’m thankful for struggles – they strive me to hustle harder.
I’m thankful for warm hugs – they remind me how powerful love is.
I’m thankful for this life. With its good-bad-fugly times.
I’m thankful for embracing it all!

I’m so very thankful for my blog, clients, followers, friends, and family who make me more ME. Who listen to what I have to say and understand things that I don’t say. As Rumi would quote ‘they flame my fire’. I’m grateful for alllllll that I have and even more grateful for all that I’m about to embrace.

Happy Birthday Love.

Thankful List – 2014
Thankful List – 2015 – Bring it On
Thankful List – 2016 – Dreaming Big
Thankful List – 2017 – Continuing to Learn

Al Twaar, Dubai Wedding – Fatima & Mohammad

Their smiles seemed wider & brighter.
I remembered how shy and quite they were on the engagement day. However, on the day of their wedding, they seemed at ease, expressed their joy upon seeing each other, and more frank. As if the words became books, the rivers merged into oceans, the buds bloomed into flowers, and them – their liking of each other turned into complete love.

Venue: Al Twaar Wedding Hall, Dubai 🏰
Decorator: Wish Events ✨
Makeup: Nada💄
Dress: Hazar Couture👗
Bouquet: Aster Flowers 💐
Shoes: Louboutin 👠
Photography: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Fatima & Mohammad,

Thank you (yet again) for trusting me to photograph both your engagement & wedding. I took great pleasure in watching your love and documenting the beginning of your journey. May the Almighty showers you with more happiness, love, and joy more than you can imagine. I wish you the best on this wonderful journey, as you both build your new lives together.

~ Rima

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Fatima & Omar

She looked angelic.
In her exquisite white bridal gown, which was more sparkly than the sky full of innumerable stars. Her smiles like magic. Her eyes like heavens.
He, on the other hand, was beaming. His eyes reflected her beauty; and promises of a lifetime. To know that she’s his. Forever!

Venue: Grand Hyatt, Dubai 🏰
Decorator: Eissa Hakim ✨
Makeup: Rafia💄
Dress: Ezra Couture 👗
Shoes: Jimmy Choo 👠
Photography & Video: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Fatima & Omar,

Thank you for the being as wonderful as you both are ❤ My team and I had so much fun & we laughed so much during photographing and videographing your wedding day that our stomachs hurt. May the Almighty continues to shower you both with eternal love and endless joy; the same way you both bring joy to the world.

Much appreciation,
~ Rima