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We sat in a coffee shop, laughed constantly, and talked about zodiac signs. That’s how I remember our first meeting. On the wedding day, we discussed how ghetto of a bride she was for wearing her gorgeous heels in a hurry as if she was a school girl about to miss her bus. Yes, the topics […]

Wedding in Sharjah Ladies Club – Sara & Leon

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He entered the room and half-announced-half-requested that he wants to pray before we begin the photo-shoot. Secretly, I gave him an extra point for being awesome. He went into the other room and my team & I continued to photograph & make video of the ever so stunning bride. It wasn’t even 10 minutes into […]

Wedding in InterContinental Hotel, Dubai – Abdulla & Marwa

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She delicately looked down at her dress and picked it up from one side. I asked her to freeze right there and took a photo. She smiled, stood straight, and fixed her bouquet. I gasped for breath and asked her to hold onto the pose and took another photo. Most of the weddings, I direct […]

Wedding in Multaqua Hall, DWTC – Hassan & Sara

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He was polite. Soft spoken. Respectful. She was outspoken. Hilarious. Bubbly. I thought to myself….Opposites DO Attract. As he patiently listened to my posing directions, from the corner of my eye I saw her cracking jokes, laughing out loud, dancing in front of the cameras. I smiled and continued to take his photos while my […]

Wedding in Dubai World Trade Center – Yazan & Amna

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With a strikingly composed & caring personality, Hind was a bride who was sure of what she wanted. From her dressing style, putting the details together for her parties, to designing her own kosha (stage) & engagement/milcha party & wedding dresses, Hind is a creative mind whom I took absolute pleasure in photographing. Khaled, the guy […]

Henna Party, Sharjah – Hind & Khaled


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