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May Allah fills your Life with Happiness, your Heart with Love, your Soul with Spirituality, your Mind with Wisdom, and give you all the blessings of heaven above. Be very kind to each other… Eid Mubarak to all of you!

Eid Mubarak – 2017

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This always-smiling girl with a bubbly personality is an absolute pleasure to hang out with. Never a dull moment with her and I just couldn’t wait to meet who will be the lucky man. Her lucky man.

Uptown Mirdif Engagement – Fatma & Yaqoub

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Her thoughts were free to go anywhere.
But it was surprising how they were constantly directed towards him.
Thinking of him (& wanting him to see her as the bride) was making her smile.

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Mohamed & Maryam Z.

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Dearest You, I know our life is unusual. We work at different days of the week, our personalities are two different poles, and our point of views may differ at so many topics (including menu). Especially when looking at it from a third person’s eye but it doesn’t matter because¬†we get each other. Thank you […]

Different Dimensions

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She smiled and lowered her eyes in shyness. Then smiled even wider. Knowing how he felt. With mesmerizing big green eyes, she looked like a goddess in her pink gown. Mohamed entered the room for photo-shoot but stood still for a solid couple of minutes to collect himself. I couldn’t decide if he was simply […]

Barsha, Dubai Engagement – Mohamed & Maryam J.


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