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She looked like a dream! 💭 Too beautiful, too courteous, too humble, too lovable, ….just too good to be true! 👰🏻 Yet there she was. In reality. Standing next to him. Like his own dream came true. Making him unable to take his eyes off of her. He had a heart full of love for […]

Al Ain Wedding – Mahra & Mohammed

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“That’s such a beautiful bouquet” I said from behind my camera while directing her. “It took me three months to make it.” he said. Caught by surprise, I lowered my camera and asked him, “what do you mean?” “I made it. For her! With my hands” he said innocently holding his hands up. She tightened […]

Al Hili Hall, Al Ain Wedding – Maitha & Salem

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When she prayed for love, the Almighty sent him in her life. For him to admire her, for who she is. To give her credit & cherish her, for his own success. And to love her, more than what she prayed for… Venue: Al Hili Wedding Hall, Al Ain 🏰 Decorator: Luxury Events ✨ Makeup: Layaly 💄 Hair: Fatima 👰🏻 Dress: […]

Al Hili Hall, Al Ain Wedding – F & M

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He promised to treat her like a gift from God. A gift that can’t be measured. And promised to admire & appreciate her, and her commitment to him. He promised to show her nothing but pure love. A love so kind, sweet, and fine. He promised to love her endlessly, forever. Venue: Al Khabisi Hall, Al […]

Al Ain Wedding – Mariam & Yousef

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I am thrilled to share the creativity of the amazing team of The Wedding Venue & their newly designs stage/kosha for a royal wedding celebrated in Al Khubaisi Hall, Al Ain.   The entire ballroom was transformed into a garden with hints of gold, green, and contrasting touch of purple flowers.

Al Khubaisi Hall Wedding – The Wedding Venue

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