Like the smiles that spread when watching kids play, like the flowers get familiar with the bees, like two peas in a pod, like breathing, loving each other came naturally to them, like two parts of the same soul, finally meeting. Venue: Grand Hyatt, Dubai 🏰 Decorator: O&M Wedding ✨ Makeup: Masooma 💄 Hair: Mahra 👰🏻 Dress: from Turkey 👗 […]

My oh My…It’s mid February already. Today, I woke up on the sad-side of the bed. Prayed Fajr 🧕, had my karak-chaye ☕, and as things were starting to slowly pickup, I thought of YOU! 🥰 Yes YOU!!! Whether you are my past bride, future bride, blog-reader, Instagram friend, Youtube subscriber, Pinterest follower, or wedding industry […]

Her smile was lighting up the room. His love was lighting up her heart… It felt like each time she looked at him, his breaths would increase in number. She saw her reflection in his eyes, and never needed a mirror to see her beauty… Just like Marium & Numair’s super colorful dholki & extremely […]

A heartiest congratulations to all the brides who joined us for Rima Hassan Photography’s Brides’ Meetup 2019 🥰 …and huuuuuge Thank You to Spontiphoria for hosting us, my team for documenting the event, & a of course to all the ammmmazing wedding vendors of UAE who came together & brought immense knowledge, useful tips, goodies, […]

Twenty for 2020

Jan 14, 2020

New Year. Clean slate. Fresh start. I personally think new year’s resolutions are great way to make a plan. Call these my wishes, resolutions, dreams – or simply – things-to-do, but following are the 20 things I’d like to work on & achieve in 2020. be kind (to others & to myself) be more grateful […]