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A follower asked “if you have a soon to be client and she said that her budget cannot afford your price, will you go with her on her wedding or you will decline her?” Here is my answer!

Should You Turn Away Business?

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Often I get questions from photographers asking about how to price their photography services. Although there isn’t one specific answer to this question because several things need to be considered while pricing your services (such as: different markets, clients’ spending on weddings, your experience, demand, etc). But following principles may help you with pricing your […]

How to Price Your Wedding Photography Services

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Dear Photographer Friends, Before I start this post, here is the brutal-honest-truth: I’m not a social media specialist or a guru. But obsessively using social media for years, running a successful business and thriving it solely because of it, I can safely say that the following useful pointers may help you with some ideas on how […]

How to Use Social Media Strategically

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Want to learn about photography business, contracts, how to turn the enquiries into clients??? Read this post!

Wanna Talk about Business?

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I felt alone… Nowhere to turn to, no one to ask for help. Refreshing the inbox every 5 minutes waiting for the enquiries’ email is frustrating. Very frustrating.  Starting a business wasn’t easy. I didn’t know where to look for the ideal brides, how to reach them, how to price the packages, and the list […]

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