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Dear Photographer Friends, After I shared “How to take Detail Photos in Small Spaces“, I got several messages asking me the same question about props/color theme for wedding albums: “If we don’t have props similar to stage theme then what should one do? Should I use stage as background for the jewelry/detail photos? Also, the […]

How to Keep Theme of the Wedding Albums Consistent

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Dear Photographer Friends, “How do you take such pretty bridal detail photos in a cluttered room or small bridal rooms?” & “Where do you get all these props for the detail photos?”- these are amongst the most asked questions by fellow photographers. 90% of the times I share behind the scenes from the weddings and […]

How to Take Detail Photos in Small Spaces

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Dear Photographer Friends, Dark ballrooms, bridal rooms, and outdoor parties with poor ambience-lights are wedding-photographers’ worst nightmare. We have allllll been through it! I’m not a photography guru but I don’t mind sharing what I learned through 6 years of experiences and things that have worked for me. Here are my personal tips and tricks […]

How to Photograph in Low-Light

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I received the following questions via my Instagram direct message from a very dear-follower & photographer-friend of mine. I thought to myself, this questions needs to be addressed on the blog so those who have been searching and/or may search for it later in future can find the answers. She asked: “How do you deal […]

How to Deliver Wedding Videos

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Dear Rima I need your very straight advice. What if you have a very annoying client who is not satisfied with the photoshop we do for her wedding album? As she saw her cousin’s images that I took, she started to complain that her images is not as good compared to her cousin although her […]

How to Deal with Unsatisfied Clients

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