Al Jawaher, Sharjah Wedding – Dana & Waleed

Every time they met after the engagement,
he wrote the date and a short message on a lock.
And kept the keys safe with him.
For he wanted to remember each date & every meeting,
that reminded him for how fortunate he is,
to have her in his life….

Dana & Waleed’s wedding was celebrated at Al Jawaher RCC, Sharjah. The ballroom and stage/kosha decoration was done by Essa AlHaddad.  Hind AlAmeri did Dana’s makeup. Dana wore a stunning Esposa‘s bridal gown, heels from Menbur, and carried a Qaser AlJoori‘s bouquet. The locks and its stand was bought from Bee Events.


Dear Dana & Waleed,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your joyful wedding day and your love story with me. I had immense fun and feel so grateful to be able to photograph your first day as husband and wife. I wish you both a lifetime of health, joy, and deep affection. May you both continue to open the locks of happiness and love for each other, forever. Ameen.

Much appreciation,
~ Rima


Hamlet, NYC Valima – Khadejah & Sami

I love writing about love,
but theirs couldn’t be described in words…
Their love was felt in the air, by everyone who took breath in their radius of a mile.
I feel honored to document and present to you,
the wonderful sweethearts,
perfectly made for each other! ❤

Khadejah & Sami’s valima reception was celebrated at Hamlet Golf & Country Club, NYC. The Cinderella-themed decorations were done by Stylist Events NY, henna by Henna for All NY, and the entire event was planned by non-other-than Events by Khadejah herself. Khadejah looked absolutely beautiful in her light blue & gold long-shirt from Pakistan, Kate Spade‘s golden heels and clutch, and her make-up was done by Beauty By Tamanna.


My dearest Khadejah & Sami,

It may sound repetitive but I can’t express my gratefulness in other words than these two: THANK YOU! For EVERYTHING! From your first email to the latest Whatsapp message, you have been nothing short of a sweetheart ❤ May Allah showers you both with his utmost care and mercy & increases your emaan, happiness, success, love, and provides you with alllllllllllllllllllll that your hearts desire. And much more…..ameen ❤

Abundance of love,
~ Rima

Sharjah Engagement – Alya & Sultan

They were like two peas in a pod.
Gracing the stage like a royal prince and his princess,
yet so lost in each other’s eyes.
She giggled shyly when he made a joke.
He smiled upon seeing his success of making her laugh, promising to keep her smiling. For eternity and beyond….

Alya & Sultan’s beautiful engagement party was celebrated at Alya’s villa in Sharjah. The beautiful stage and decorations were done by Tahani Al Khaleej. Alya wore a beautiful engagement dress from Dar Rutoosh, heels from Menbur, and carried a bouquet from Awraq Al Jory, and makeup was done by the extremely talented Zareen Shah.


Dearest Alya & Sultan,

Meeting, documenting, and watching you both together makes my heart dance with joy. You both are such beautiful & wonderful human beings making this world more beautiful with your presence and love. Lots of best wishes and duas for you. May Allah showers you both with his mercy, happiness, joy, success, and love, for eternity & beyond…ameen!

~ Rima


Bustan Rotana, Dubai Wedding – Bashayer & Ibrahim

As we wrapped up the photoshoot, he was about to leave the bridal suite.
“We’ll see you in the ballroom Ibrahim!” I said to him. He smiled and said “inshAllah.”
Right before exiting the room, he turned around, smiled at her and said “Bistagh-lich!”
She smiled and lowered her wa-wa-woom eyelashes with shyness.
I couldn’t resist and asked her what he said.
“I’ll miss you!” she translated.
Of course the room full of girls gasped and let out a long unanimous ‘awwwww….’ and I thought to myself, this had to be today’s moment that needs to be documented, for ever! ❤

Bashayer & Ibrahim’s beautiful celebrations were held at Roda Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai. The ballroom and stage/kosha decoration was done by Dream Wedding Services.
Bashayer wore a stunning bridal gown designed by Michael Cinco, heels from Jimmy Choo, and carried a bouquet from Moz Flowers. The beautiful perfume table was from Touch of Oud. My personal favorite was the gorgeous juice glass from Wardjoory Arrangement


Dearest Bashayer & Ibrahim,

You two! ❤ Absolutely melted my heart! Thank you for having me on your wedding day, trusting me to document your memories, and for the opportunity of witnessing so much love and care. I pray that the Almighty showers you both with his thoughtfulness, care, love, and mercy. May you both always stay in front of each others’ eyes & have tons of adorable ‘awwww….’ moments, ameen.

~ Rima

Marriott Al Jaddaf Wedding – Alia & Jassim

All her life she wrote his name with hers.
Without knowing that Allah has already written their names together.
As the residents of Bahrain are called Bahraini,
the residents of Pakistan are called Pakistani,
the permanent resident of Jassim’s heart became Alia Al Jassimi ❤

Alia & Jassim’s wedding was celebrated at Marriott Al Jaddaf, Dubai. The ballroom and stage/kosha decoration & Alia’s extremely unique bouquet was made by Moritz from Flower Boutique. Alia wore a stunning bridal gown designed & tailored by The R Design, heels from Charles & Keith, and a crown to die for from Miu Miu.


Dear Alia & Jassim,

Thank you for your trust, warmest welcome, and inviting me again to document your families’ most joyous day. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you both begin this wonderful journey together. My best wishes & prayers are (and will always be) with both of you. May Allah keeps you both happy, healthy, and always smiling by each other’s side. ameen.

~ Rima

Planning Wedding Timeline

Dear Brides & Photographer Friends,

This blog post is for both of you ❤ ❤

Lets chat about Wedding Timeline because it is not one of the mostttttttttt, but THE MOST important thing when planning a wedding (for brides) and setting expectations of the clients & getting things done (for photographers).

those who Fail to Plan,
Plan to Fail!

That’s exactly why I love talking to each bride and discuss their wedding timeline way in advance. This gives me insight of their plans, how the wedding day will unfold, & helps me not to miss any details.

While discussing the timeline, I always ask all the vendors’ names for credits, give tips and insights of the wedding to my brides and answer any questions/concerns they might have. I also make sure to let them know how much time I need for specific section of the photoshoot and to keep some grace time for prayers, late makeup artist, hairstylist, mishaps, etc.


Following are some of the questions I always ask my brides and write them down.

  1. Is the bride getting ready at a salon, the venue, bridal room, or hotel suite?
    • helps me determine travel time to/from the ballroom.
  2. Who is the makeup artist, makeup start & finish time.
    • Is the makeup artist doing makeup on family members or only the bride? This can make/break the entire timeline.
  3. Who is the hairstylist, hair start & finish time.
  4. Is the groom coming for the photoshoot before or after the ceremony?
    • Brides, feel free to read my recommendation about first look – it is super useful, promise!
  5. Ballroom/kosha ready time.
  6. Expected number of guests. Expected arrival time.
    • helps me plan how much time I have for the ballroom decorations’ photos.
  7. Bride’s entrance time.
    • helps me know time for bride-groom’s photoshoot from her prep until her entrance.
  8. Any entertainment, singers, performers, Zaffa, belly-dancers, violinist, etc.
    • anything the couple spend time/effort/money on must be documented.
  9. Groom’s entrance time.
    • I also ask if the groom is coming in alone or with family/friends. Helps me choose the right lens in advance 😉
  10. Cake cutting & drink exchange times.
  11. Family photos time.
  12. Expected exit time.

I hope this post helps you plan the wedding day even better. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’d be moreeeeee than happy to answer them.

Your UnOfficial Bridesmaid & PF (photographer friend) 😉
~ Rima

Hilton, NYC Wedding – Khadejah & Sami

You know what happens when a very creative wedding coordinator/decorator plans her own wedding? Magic!!! That is exactly what happened at Khadejah & Sami’s romantic wedding reception, leaving every guest in awe because each detail was put together by great care & deep love.

Khadejah & Sami celebrated their Baraat (wedding reception) at Hilton Long Island, NYC. The decorations were done by Stylist Events NY, henna by Henna for All NY, cake from The Sweet Peace, and planned by Events by Khadejah. Khadejah looked stunning in her red lehnga/skirt customized from Pakistan and make from Beauty By Tamanna.


P.S. Khadejah & Sami’s super colorful Henna can be found HERE. Can’t wait to blog their gorgeous Valima reception.

Emirates Hall, Ajman Wedding – Maryam & Mohammed

I couldn’t decide which was deeper.
Her eyes, that hold the secrets of love.
Or his dimples, followed by a smile when he looked at her.
Whichever one it was, it was definitely making them looked especial.
Madly in love.
Made for each other…

Maryam & Mohamed’s wedding was celebrated at the newly built Emirates Hall in Ajman. My team of an associate photographer and videographer were delighted to cover their beautiful union surrounded by family, friends, and eternal love.

My darlings,

You two have been aweeeeeeeeeesome since day 1. Sheer joy to work with. From your super fun henna party to the wedding day, every single detail has been nothing short of beautiful. Just like yourself. And your love. I wish you both a lifetime of all-things-pretty-&-happy because you both deserve all the best this world has to offer ❤

Lots of Love,
~ Rima

Eid Al Azha Mubarak – 2017

Eid Al Azha Mubarak ❤
May this Eid be the brightest and best you’ve ever had.
I pray that the Almighty helps all amongst us who are helpless,
worried, heartbroken, and waiting for His rehmat, ameen.

Eid al Azha Mubarak 2017

Please don’t forget the less fortunate ones in your prayers & celebrations.

20 Must Haves – Bride’s Emergency Kit

My darling Brides-To-Be,

Writing the last blog post about the 5 things brides forget on the wedding day, I thought a detailed post with a bride’s must haves is essential. Although you may buy Sephora’s Minimergency Kit that is ready to use but making one with things from your favorite brands is more fun (& useable).

Bridesmaids, it is a wonderful idea to make this emergency kit for your girlfriends 😉 Just saying….

Following are a handful things that you may need/want on the day of the wedding day and honeymoon.

  1. BreathMints/Chewing gum – to get your mouth ready for that first kiss.
  2. Tweezers – for stray hair and clamped lashes.
  3. Blotting Paper – to absorb the oil & remove shine.
  4. Face Mist – to refresh the makeup & calm the skin.
  5. Tissue Papers – to dab away happy tears.
  6. Safety & Bobby pins – always come in handy.
  7. Stain Remover – God forbid you need to use them.
  8. Adhesive band-aids – for small cuts/injuries.
  9. Earring backs – I lose them like a magician.
  10. Deodorant towelette – in case you are not carrying a deo.
  11. Nail polish remover pad – for girls who need to pray.
  12. Tooth paste & brush – are not included in most hotels’ toiletries.
  13. Lip balm – for chapped/dry lips.
  14. Nail filer – always carry one. Alwaysssss!
  15. Hair spray – to hold hair in place.
  16. Dental floss – for a picture perfect smile.
  17. Mending/Sewing kit – I had actually sew a bride’s ripped dress.
  18. Double-sided tape – for falling hemlines & plunging necklines.
  19. Pain reliever – for head/stomach aches.
  20. Lipstick – Ladies, don’t ever underestimate the power of lipstick 😉

Here is a bonus tip – if you are a hijabi (mohajibba), a few hair-ties and a nude-color scarf will definitely come in handy!

I hope the list helps you prepare your emergency kit. For any questions/concerns or to add something to the list, feel free to leave a comment.

Your UnOfficial Bridesmaid,
~ Rima