5 Things you should know about Wedding Decorations

Dear Brides-to-Be,

You started your wedding planning and after selecting the ballroom, generally the second step is hiring a wedding decorator. Choosing the right vendor who is professional & provides you wedding decorations that is your dream-come-true & memorable for your guests is every brides’ priority. But wait, not sooooo easyyyy…


I heard wayyyy too many sad stories from actual brides who either hired an amateur decorator, hired a pro but hated to work with, OR  worked with someone who over-promised and under-delivered. I just knew I had to interview a professional to make this step of the wedding planning a little easier for you…

I had the honor of speaking to the very talented Nehad from Dream Wedding Services. I personally have worked with Jihad & Nehad’s team on countless weddings and have always heard praises for them. I honestly think his valuable input will help you make better choices while hunting for a wedding decorator & a wedding theme.

Here are 5 things that you should know about Wedding Decorations:


  1. Research well. This comes AFTER you’ve shortlisted wedding decorators whose styles resemble to what you want for your wedding. The couple should be aware of the company’s reputation. Ask your friends/family/other vendors for recommendations. Notice how people talk about that specific decorator. If someone provides extravagant decorations but is very difficult to communicate with hence giving you stress, avoid hiring them for your big day.
  2. Know what you want. Narrow down your ideas & know what you want regarding to the theme, style, colors, elements of decorations. Make mood-boards on Pinterest or save photos on Instagram so the decorator gets an idea of your expectations. Decorators can work on a new design for you but they need to know where to start from. Having too many ideas or no idea at all will overwhelm both – the couple & the decorator.
  3. More light = better results. Couples tend to spend so much money on the stage and flowers but if they don’t invest on lighting setup, even the most expensive decorations won’t look good. (I personally agree with this 110%).
  4. Have enough Time. The couple should contact & hire the decorator they trust well in advance so there will be sufficient time to work on the theme & prepare for the wedding. Ample time before the wedding also gives both the bride & the decorator enough time if the bride wants to change things around.
  5. Budget-friendly & Practicality. Choose a design that fits your budget and fits well in the ballroom. Thinking of having long chandeliers while the ballroom’s ceiling is low or choosing really tall centerpieces although the ballroom is small will not be a good idea. Also, enormous stage & countless exotic flowers will leave no affordability for lighting in a limited budget. Be practical, ask for advice from your decorator, try to come up with a theme that fits both – the ballroom & the budget.

Thank you so much Nehad for sharing exceptionally useful planning tips & ideas with the brides.

Darling brides, may this post helps you & may the Almighty makes your big day better than your dreams, indeed, He is the best planner of all ✨

Your UnOfficial Bridesmaid,
~ Rima

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