Six Things I’ll do AFTER Quarantine is Over

Few days ago, I asked my Insta-Family this:

What are the things you’ll do after Quarantine is over?

All the responses I got were about meeting families + friends, travel, eat at favorite restaurants, shopping, etc.

It made me ponder upon what exactly are the things I would do. I just want to jot them now so I can look back and see how much I missed doing these during quarantine. Some of these might sound simple things that I did do OR could’ve done more before Corona madness. For me, this list is a reminder not to take these for granted, ever.


  1. Meet & hug family, friends, clients, & their kids. Big bigggg bigggggg warm hugssss!!! 🤗 Get family together, & friends, eat, laugh, catch up, laugh some more, dance, and then some more hugs.
  2. Get my photoshoot done! 📸 or Two. No joke. Although I’m a professional wedding photographer myself, I hardly come in front of a professional camera hence don’t have many photos of myself. Being behind the camera all the time, my eyes are trained to see the frames, posing, how to enhance someone’s beautiful features while hiding the background clutter, etc. I need some Rima in my life. Seriously!
  3. Go for a Swim! 🏊🏻‍♀️ I’m not a pro at swimming (heck I’m not even an intermediate swimmer) but it’s one of those things that I’m dearly missing while stuck safe at home. For some strange reason, I feel free under-water; as if I’m flying (in water). It’s one of those weird things of mine. A feeling that I can’t explain.
  4. Drive around! 🚘 I’ve always enjoyed driving especially when listening to my favorite jams. Did you know I can’t drive if someone is not talking or something is not playing? My mind goes 1000 miles/hour. So I need blasting something. Anything. It is therapeutic. I’ve about 50+ videos of my my Playlist in the car, while waiting for clients, stopped at red-lights, at the car washes, at weddings, and so on.
  5. Have Karak-Chaye ☕ any where outdoors. In a park or a beach. Or just sitting outside at any restaurant in La Mer. Gazing at the blue sky. Moving clouds. Like I do in Dubai’s winters; feeling the gist of fresh cool air on a warm sunny day. Observing every moving person / object around me.
  6. Go Back to WORK!!!! 🥰 Oh how much I miss watching couple’s love-stories unfold before my eyes. I love documenting weddings both with my camera and written stories. It’s pure bliss when the couples go through their albums and videos and write back love-letters to me. I just can’t wait….

If you are wondering why travel didn’t make it to my list, I’ve an answer. My heart is crazvinggggggg for exploring new places around the world 🌏 (trust me I’ve an entire list of places-to-visit readyyyy) but because of the ongoing situation, I think I’ll wait till next year when hopefully traveling is 110% safe. ✈️

Until we meet again (virtually or in person), I’ll see you on the ‘Gram! 📲

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By the way, what would YOU do after quarantine is over?
Let me know in the comments below? 👇🏻


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