5 Things you should know about picking a Wedding Dress

Dear Brides-to-Be,

You see a dress on Instagram/Pinterest.
You buy it for your big day.
….you live happily ever after….
I wish shopping for THE wedding dress (and even life in general) was as simple as that.

Choosing the right wedding dress that (a) is both practical & flatters you body type (b) design/stitched/altered to your expectations (c) in a timeline manner – isn’t as easy as you might have thought. I’ve seen brides with terribly loose / tight dresses, dragging themselves in the ballroom because it was carpeted but they tried the dress on a wooden floor where it was easy to move around. It was just plain flat awkward.giphy

To save you from the headache (& heaven-forbid embarrassment), I had the pleasure of speaking to the very talented Katerina – the owner of Vanila Wedding Boutique who graciously shared very insightful tips for brides to consider that’ll help them set the right expectations & choose the right dress.

Here are 5 things that you should know about picking the wedding dress of your dreams:5 things you should know about wedding dress


  1. First, check the websites of all the bridal stores when in search of the wedding dress. If you enjoy their styles, then book an appointment. If you are not into the style that this store provides, then they won’t be able to satisfy your taste which may end up in a very unpleasant experience because your expectations will not be met.
  2. Know your budget when checking the stores / websites & research for their average price range. When deciding how much money you are willing to spend on your wedding dress, please don’t forget that it is not only the wedding dress, the budget should also include the accessories. Bridal shops, including Vanila Wedding Boutique, provide a full bridal look so do consider the prices of the veil, head piece/ tiara, petticoat, are also part of your bridal look. Once you figure out their average price range & what your budget for the dress is, then be ready to make an appointment so you don’t go to a shop that has a price range 2x higher than your expected budget.
  3. Choose your Entourage wisely. After you book an appointment with the bridal dress shop, make sure to take one or maximum of two people and that these two people know each other well & they definitely support your taste. We have seen fights about brides not being supported by her friends / mom. Make sure you are coming with a person whose taste you can trust & who will support you 100%.
  4. Time constraints. Please bear in mind that majority of the bridal designers are producing from 4-8 months of production. Depending on the designer & the brand, the average would be 6-8 months; that’s why if you require a bridal dress for next month,  then you’ll probably have to get the dress off the racks & the shop will alter it for you.
  5. Be Practical. Choose a dress that flatters your body type & size. If you choose a dress that is either 4x bigger or smaller than your size, the design will change during alterations. Especially if a dress has any specific back design, sides, or sleeves’ designs – even going down by 2 sizes will seem like a massive change in the overall design. Making the alterations by even 2 sizes (big or small) may require extra straps, extra lace, etc – the dress will have to be redesigned for you.

Thank you Katerina for sharing such immensely useful tips. I’m sure the brides will learn from this information & make the most of it.

Choosing the right dress & accessories that flatter your body type as well as your budget is one of the major parts of your wedding planning, darling brides. May you rock your wedding dress that reflects both your personality & style 👰🏻

Your UnOfficial Bridesmaid,
~ Rima

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