10 Things to Do While Self-Quarantine

Corona is pandemic.
Everyone around the world is scared and feeling isolated.  I’m sure self-quarantine might not be on your bucket list but this is the best time to try and do things that you always wanted to do…

Here is a list of 10 Things to Do while Self-Quarantine:

  1. Call family & friends that live far away.
  2. Spend time with your children & loved ones at home.
  3. Learn how to cook a new dish. Try something from Youtube. My favorite go-to Pakistani food recipe channel is Food Fusion! 💯
  4. Read a book. And share what you are reading. I can’t wait to start a new one. You may see the list of books I’ve read in the past HERE 📚
  5. Declutter. Closet + Mind + Life. On a personal note, I seriously need to start organizing my gym clothes before I get hooked onto a new book.
  6. WorkOut at home 🧘🏻‍♀️ Don’t let the temporary-closure of your gym bring your down. Youtube is best for whatever workouts you are looking for. Cast it on your TV and Voila.
  7. Listen to Podcasts. If you didn’t know already, there is an entire world of Podcasts full of knowledge about everything. Business, photography, life, children, etc. I spend hours and hours of soaking up other people’s knowledge and experiences. It is the next best thing after books. I kid you not.
  8. Pickup a new skill or polish an old one. Wanted to try knitting? Or photography? but never found time? Now that you have plenty of it, pickup that yarn and/or camera. Take photos of your children, or that new dish you tried cooking. To learn more about photography, click HERE.
  9. Start a B-L-O-G ✍🏼 OMG I would absolutely love to read your blogs. It can be about anything. Poems you wrote as a kid. Parenting. Photography. Business. Weddings. Life experiences. I love reading peoples’ real life experiences so don’t hesitate to share. I’m all ears. 👂🏼
  10. You know that 1 thing that you always wanted to do, but never find the time for? It could be anything…..praying regularly, cleaning kitchen/closets, trying yoga for beginners, watching a specific Netflix movie, building a website, saying sorry to someone? THIS is the time to do THAT thing. I hope you get to do this one before anything else.


Remember, when life gives you lemons, be ready to clink your lemonade glass 🍹

This is the best time to reflect upon your life.
May you stay humble.
May you be compassionate.
May you show empathy.
…and be kind to one another!

~ Rima

P.S. Stay safe friends 😷
If you have any tips on things that I should try during this time,  blogs/podcasts that you love, books I should read, drop me a line. If YOU happen to try any of the 10 mentioned things in this blog, let me know in the comments below 👇🏼

  1. Anna says:

    I started a blog while quarantining about…. quarantining! It’s full of online events and Instagram lives to keep everyone busy as these have been my favourite ways to stay connected 🙂

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