Twenty for 2020

New Year.
Clean slate.
Fresh start.

I personally think new year’s resolutions are great way to make a plan. Call these my wishes, resolutions, dreams – or simply – things-to-do, but following are the 20 things I’d like to work on & achieve in 2020.


  1. be kind (to others & to myself)
  2. be more grateful
  3. write more
  4. laugh more
  5. stop worrying for future
  6. enjoy the present
  7. catch up with old friends
  8. continue to wake up early
  9. take breaks & time off
  10. cook more at home
  11. finish at least 7 books this year
  12. learn new stuff / skill
  13. pray more
  14. be contagiously optimistic
  15. write more helpful tips for brides-to-be
  16. travel to at least 2 new countries
  17. remember to breathe
  18. let go… (seriously!)
  19. be a better version of myself
  20. to love myself & others wholeheartedly 🥰

There are 12 months & I hope I get to accomplish all these within 2020.
Some of these might make me uncomfortable and yes, change & growth are hard work, but they are absolutely worth it. Let’s see what this decade brings….


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