FREE GUIDE – Best Lenses for Wedding Photography

Dear PFs (Photographer Friends),

Thissssss had to be the most asked question on my social media & most searched for on my blog. And that’s exactly what people searched for… 👇

‘Rima Hassan Photography Gear’
‘Rima Hassan Photography Best Lens for details’
‘Rima Hassan Equipment’
‘Best Lens for Details Rima Hassan’
“Rima, what lens do you use for such crisp detail photos?” and so on…

Although I always try my best to answer all the questions asked privately, but this topic was asked/searched for so frequently that I thought a blog post is a must for it. Heck, why a blog post? I made you an absolute FREE guide explaining my personal choice of lenses to document each section of the wedding.

Download your FREE guide for Best Lenses for Wedding Photography!


P.S. Although I’m a Canon user, I have also provided Nikon’s counterparts for the same lenses.

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