My Thankful List – Survival

As 22nd August marks the sixth birthday of my blog (and of course mine as well – OMG I feel o0o0o0o0o0o0o0old 👩‍🦳). Like previous years, I’d like to celebrate it with this year’s Thankful List to remind myself in the future of alllll that I appreciated.

I’m thankful to the Almighty for continuous mercy regardless of my continuous failures.
I’m thankful for my health – that allows me to eat, pray, work, & travel (alhamdullilah).
I’m thankful for my family – for everything that they do.
I’m thankful for friends – for understanding things that I don’t say.
I’m thankful for my clients – they flame my fire & fuel my dream.
I’m thankful for #loveletters – for alwayssss making my heart melt.
I’m thankful for a home, food in the fridge, clean sheets to sleep on, shower, & clothes.
I’m thankful for the sunshine – that fills my empty house, heart, & eyes every morning.
I’m thankful for my yoga instructor – for saying things I need to hear.
I’m thankful for struggles – they make me appreciate the results more.
I’m thankful for warm hugs – that let me forget the struggles.
I’m thankful for random laughs – that become memories.
I’m thankful for countless Ooo0ops – they are better than What Ifs.
I’m thankful for duas & for all the people who pray for me without me knowing.
I’m thankful for my camera, blog, readers & followers – I adore you guys!
I’m thankful for that one candle on top of my birthday cake – it makes me hopeful.
I’m thankful for surviving – yet another year.

I’m so very thankful for my blog, clients, followers, friends, and family who love me for who I am. You guys have always been there in times of need & I can’t thank you enough. As Rumi would say ‘you find treasures in my ruins’. I’m grateful for alllllll that I have and even more grateful for all that helps me survive.

Happy Birthday Love.

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Author: Rima Hassan

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