How to Keep Theme of the Wedding Albums Consistent

Dear Photographer Friends,

After I shared “How to take Detail Photos in Small Spaces“, I got several messages asking me the same question about props/color theme for wedding albums:

“If we don’t have props similar to stage theme then what should one do? Should I use stage as background for the jewelry/detail photos? Also, the available decoration of the bridal suite is generally very different than the stage decoration/theme resulting in colorful photos in the album, any tips?”

I also come across situations like these at wedding halls where the room is extremely small with no decorations to use what so ever. Following are some of my tips on how to keep the theme of the wedding albums consistent.


1. Use the stage as the background.
Kosha/stage is most important in setting the theme of the wedding and generally takes up a whole lot space in the album. Using the stage as the bridal dress’s background or keeping the colors consistent while taking other bridal detail photos will result in a themed album instead of resulting in color jump through every spread.


The stage had lots of gold and royal blue. Luckily, her shoes’ dust bag was the same color as the theme hence I used it for the detail’s photos.

2. Go introduce yourself to the stage decorator.
Healthy conversations build good relationship with other vendors. Introduce yourself and ask for their business details. You may ask them for extra flowers or any special props used on the stage to create detail photos. Please don’t forget to THANK them humbly & give them credit when sharing the photos online.



Dream Wedding Service’s team so generously let me borrow the grass patch and pieces of wood used on the stage which helped me create detail-photos.

3. Use what is available.
Bride’s bouquet, shoes, dress, veil, and even dress, make great props. The bride’s dress and bouquet is used throughout the album so it helps keep the theme consistent. Focus on the main subject and try to keep the photos simple instead of overdoing/cluttering them.


Just keep in mind, if the background or feel of the stage is dark, keep the theme of the details dark and if it has light colors, take light airy photos for the details as well so when the album is designed, the theme is consistent from first page till the last.

I hope this post helps you create beautiful photos & memories for your clients that they cherish forever in form of their wedding albums.

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Your friend,
~ Rima

  1. dslrzone says:

    Use the stage as the background. Such a great tip! This article is very well structured and informative. Thanks!

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