Sharjah Engagement – Aysha & Saeed

I tried to explain them the process.
“Okay guys! We’ll have lots of fun. I need lots of dancing, fun, oh and smiles.”
“I can’t stop smiling!” he said innocently without taking his eyes off of her.
A unanimous “awwwww….” of the entire photo and video team echoed in the room. The rest of the night, the same room was filled with their love ❀

Aysha & Saeed’s engagement was celebrated at a private villa in Sharjah. The majlis room was decorated with a kosha of real flowers by HBG events. Aysha wore a breathtaking dress by Oia, Jumeirah. She carried a unique bouquet from Forever Bride. I think I totally drooled over for her absolutely gorgeous Miu Miu heels.


Dearest Aysha & Saeed,

You two have been ahhhhh-mazingggggg & suuuuuper fun to document. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing your beauty, laughter, dancing, and adorable love. Can’t wait to do it all over again, with tons of more ‘awww..’ moments on your wedding day inshaAllah ❀

~ Rima

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