Sharjah Engagement – Alya & Sultan

They were like two peas in a pod.
Gracing the stage like a royal prince and his princess,
yet so lost in each other’s eyes.
She giggled shyly when he made a joke.
He smiled upon seeing his success of making her laugh, promising to keep her smiling. For eternity and beyond….

Alya & Sultan’s beautiful engagement party was celebrated at Alya’s villa in Sharjah. The beautiful stage and decorations were done by Tahani Al Khaleej. Alya wore a beautiful engagement dress from Dar Rutoosh, heels from Menbur, and carried a bouquet from Awraq Al Jory, and makeup was done by the extremely talented Zareen Shah.


Dearest Alya & Sultan,

Meeting, documenting, and watching you both together makes my heart dance with joy. You both are such beautiful & wonderful human beings making this world more beautiful with your presence and love. Lots of best wishes and duas for you. May Allah showers you both with his mercy, happiness, joy, success, and love, for eternity & beyond…ameen!

~ Rima


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