Al Jawaher, Sharjah Wedding – Aisha & Abdulaziz

It was so obvious how much he tried to contain his excitement and extreme adoration for her as he first laid eyes on her. How could he possibly contain himself when his beloved Aisha, adorned with dazzling diamonds, looked like she stepped right out of a magical fairytale. She coyly and lovingly looked up at him and just like that their love lit up the whole room.

“Like ‘helwa'” my videographer whispered when I asked her how the newlyweds looked in the videos she was capturing. She could not have said it better. Aisha and Abdulaziz made one super sweet couple, like helwa! True love, indeed!

Aisha and Abdulaziz celebrated their eternal love at Al Jawaher RCC in Sharjah. The ever so sweet bride and groom’s families danced and laughed the night away in the tastefully decorated ballroom done by super talented Haifa from Afkar Events. The mellow mint green and light lavender decor filled the room with peace, tranquility, and love – very reflective of both Aisha and Abdulaziz’s personalities. Aisha’ fairytale gown was designed by Esposa-Dubai and she excellently paired the dress with a killer pair of  Manolo Blahnik shoes. Her dazzling jewelry, I have no words for. I will let the photos do the talking.


Dearest Aisha and Abdulaziz,

I vividly remember your engagement & had been waiting to see and photograph to capture your big day since then. Thank you again for your trust and friendship. I felt absolutely honored to be a part of your big day. What I felt in that room, I know was true love. May you both find a true companion within each other, somebody to share good and bad times with, to lean on, and with time to fall deeper in love with (if that’s even possible!) and most importantly, stay for ever sweet ‘like helwa’ 😉 I pray that your loving gazes and super sweet smiles continue to grow with time, forever & always. Ameen.


Author: Rima Hassan

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