Madinat Jumeirah Wedding – Afra & Mohamed

Her face lit up as soon as he entered the bridal suite.
“Hiiiiiiiii…..I missed you!” She said meaningfully with a gorgeous smile. “I haven’t seen him in a month.” She explained as all the girls present in the room smiled at her excitement. “MashAllah! MashaAllah! You look like a flower…” he uttered when looking at her. Of course, his wide smile was speaking much more than he did, describing his feelings for her.

“He’s cute right?!?” she turned around to ask everyone.
I laughed out loud and said “that’s the last question you want to ask so many girls…” to which she replied “No, I get flattered!”she literally was on cloud nine. Uber cute, I thought to myself. The bride and groom, their reaction upon seeing each other on the wedding day, and their love story, was so intensely unique hence resulted in two things: (1) a grand wedding day that was a reflection of them (2) my heart beamed and did the happy dance.

Mohamed & Afra celebrated their majestic wedding in Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai. The ballroom was luxuriously decorated with all real flowers and the stage was done in a special 3D projections by LeMariage. Afra wore a stunning bridal gown by Sanja Millican and Christian Louboutin heels. I had utmost fun photographing her absolutely unique breathtaking jewelry.


Dearest Afra & Mohamed,

If dictionaries would have photos next to the words to explain them, I would put your wedding photo next to Cuteness. And Love. Thank you for letting me witness your love and giving me the honor of documenting your first day as Mr. & Mrs. I pray that you both alwayssssssssss cherish each moment of your lives together. May you both feel immense excitement upon each other’s sight & always find comfort in it. Forever. ameen.

~ Rima

A super especial shout out to Sumayya (Mohamed’s sister) from being so incredibly awesome!!! I absolutely adore you Sum. Second, shout out to Stephanie (from LeMariage) who made my job easy and was super fun to be around. You rock girl!

Author: Rima Hassan

Welcome to My blog and Thanks for stopping by. I hope your stay at my blog is fun, educational in some way, and hopefully relative to your own experiences and life. I hope to see you again! :) Love, ~ Rima

3 thoughts

  1. Awwww Rima 💕 This post brought tears to my eyes 😢. It sure was a wonderful and an unforgettable day ❤️ Hoping to see you soon inshaAllah 😘

    Lots of Love,

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