Palazzo Versace, Dubai Wedding – Fatma & Yaqoub

She was smiling as usual.
Slightly nervous yet smiling. And radiating. She was definitely radiating a lot. And why wouldn’t she? It was the day she had been planning & waiting for.

He entered the bridal suite, kissed her forehead. I smiled as I saw her level of nervousness reduce. And she smiled wider. Radiating more. He looked at her and smiled too. ‘Perfect!’ I thought to myself while watching them from behind my camera. The moment was perfect. The day was perfect. The smiles were perfect. They looked perfect. My heart did its happy dance and then… melted!

What would you call a day full of details, joys, lots of dancing, and sparkling broad smiles? A perfect day?!? Well, I call it Fatma & Yaqoub’s wedding day.

Fatma & Yaqoub celebrated their wedding in the beautiful Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai. Fatma looked dazzling in her simple yet utterly gorgeous bridal gown from Arushi Couture and shoes by Jimmy Choo. The stage/kosha and ballroom was decorated by TableessayisT with lots of purple and gold; and hints of pink & red. I loved the cake topper with Fatma & Yaqoub written in Arabic calligraphy. Also, the huuuuge chandelier on top of the stage added an extra flare to the photos.


Dearest Fattoum & Yaqoub,

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am, yet again, from the bottom of my heart for your absolute trust. And friendship. And everything in between. You two are amazing and I’m so very sure that you two will make each other’s lives more fuller, more complete, and more awesome. May Allah showers your both with endless blessings, bounties, and countless ‘perfect’ moments for both of you to cherish together. Forever!

~ Rima

Author: Rima Hassan

Welcome to My blog and Thanks for stopping by. I hope your stay at my blog is fun, educational in some way, and hopefully relative to your own experiences and life. I hope to see you again! :) Love, ~ Rima

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