Khorfokan Wedding – Abeer & Omar

“Do you know any good caterers?!?” He asked me during our first meeting. Unfortunately I didn’t as I don’t get a chance to meet caterers on a wedding day but I told him to make sure that their wedding food is great because guests will not notice anything and/or will forget everything except for the food. He smiled and said “In this case, we won’t have the food then. Because I want them to notice her…” pointing towards the beautiful Abeer.

We bounced off ideas regarding how McDonalds/KFC vouchers can be given to the guests so they can eat on their way back. I was absolutely smitten by their personalities and how they were around each other. It was our first meeting which ended up with laughter over food. And it didn’t end there…

On the wedding day, she looked like a gorgeous super model and He was all smiles around her. The princess, who took care of everyone and everything around her, was finally with her prince charming who will take care of her and I had no doubt that Omar will be successful at keeping Abeer happy. Forever.

Abeer & Omar got married in Royal Hall, Khorfokan. Their stage/kosha and ballroom was decorated by Mabrook Events. I loved the perfume table by Rose Kazan Perfumes. Abeer rocked her bridal gown, Chanel shoes, and a gorgeous white bouquet. Her enormous cake was made by her sister’s local shop called Mr. Cake.  The bride and groom made their entrances on live music and entertainment was provided by Red Rose Production. Of course, their wedding photography and videography were covered by Rima Hassan Photography.


Dearest Abeer & Omar,

Thank you so very much. For everything. You both kept me involved throughout your wedding planning process like a close friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations over wedding bouquet colors, stage lighting, acrylic flooring, and of course food. Your wedding day was exceptionally joyous & I feel so blessed to be a part of it. I pray that the Almighty showers you both with eternal love, extreme care, and unmatchable kindness as your both deserve nothing but the best.

Much love,
~ Rima

Author: Rima Hassan

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