Wedding in Sharjah Ladies Club – Sara & Leon

We sat in a coffee shop, laughed constantly, and talked about zodiac signs. That’s how I remember our first meeting. On the wedding day, we discussed how ghetto of a bride she was for wearing her gorgeous heels in a hurry as if she was a school girl about to miss her bus. Yes, the topics of the conversation were totally different yet we laughed the same. Or may be more….

I tend to enjoy documenting & photographing parties where either there are tons of details or each member of the family seems to be genuinely happy. In Sara & Leon’s case, both were true. She made her entrance and totally rocked the stage. Sara looked so gorgeous that Leon couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Sara’s friend sung such a beautiful song for her and later all their family and friends danced and the party was lit up even more by everyone’s smiles.

I totally loved how she chose a dark purple theme for her wedding decoration. Many thanks to Ekleel Designs for transforming the ballrooms of Sharjah Ladies Club with gorgeous purple flowers, candles, and countless details. The menu cards, little flowers, table setup, tableware, party favors, jewelry, and shoes, everything was keenly put together and seemed magnificent.

Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_stage_kosha_decoration_purple Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_stage_kosha_decoration_purple_tableware Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_stage_kosha_decoration_purple_bride-chair Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_stage_kosha_decoration_centerpieces_flowers_purple Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_stage_kosha_decoration_table_setup-purple-plate Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_stage_kosha_decoration_purple_centerpieces Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_stage_kosha_decoration_purple_chairs_centerpiece_flower Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_stage_kosha_decoration_purple_tableware_party-favor Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_purple_stage_kosha_decoration Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_stage_kosha_decoration_purple_flower_table-setup Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamond_watch_centerpiece Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamond_crown Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamond_rings Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamond_necklaceSharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_ring_diamondSharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamond_bracelet Sharja_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Female_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamond_shoes

Sara & Leon,

Your day was incredibly fun. Your party pulsed all night with all the dancing, happiness, toasting, cheering, and celebrating your union. I adored how in the midst of all the dancing, Sara was able to enjoy some special moments with her mom. Leon, something makes me so sure that your life is about to rock with Sara’s presence in it. I wish you both a life full of happiness, fun, laughter, and loads of more celebrations. In short, I wish you both your own version of happily ever after….

~ Rima


Author: Rima Hassan

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