Wedding in Dubai World Trade Center – Yazan & Amna

He was polite. Soft spoken. Respectful.
She was outspoken. Hilarious. Bubbly.
I thought to myself….Opposites DO Attract.

As he patiently listened to my posing directions, from the corner of my eye I saw her cracking jokes, laughing out loud, dancing in front of the cameras. I smiled and continued to take his photos while my awesome team documented her beauty.

The fun began when they were put in front of my camera. Together. It was amazing to see how she calmed down into a girly-girl and he couldn’t hold back his wide-smile. Her laugh turned into shy giggles and his calmness was turned into charm. It was like a chemistry lab experiment. When two totally different elements put together – like H2O, made a universal symbol of survival. In their case, they both put together in the picture made a symbol of love.

Bubbly, respectful, classic love.

He was careful when holding her hands. She seemed more cautious by his touch. Their eyes spoke a thousand words – all beautiful adjectives – without actually saying them. My heart did a little dance and I smiled through the rest of the night.

That’s how I remember them. Both Amna & Yazan. That’s how I recall their perfect wedding day which took place in Zabeel Hall of Dubai World Trade Center.  To top things off, their wedding was beautifully decorated by Joelle Wedding. Amna’s gorgeous bridal gown was by Elie Saab. I absolutely loved Amna’s unique Manolo Blahnik shoes and her beautiful bouquet by Fiore Design. Her makeup was done by Haifa Safar and I was honored to document Amna & Yazan’s flawless day along with my team.

Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_invitation_card Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_Joelle_stage Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_Joelle_stage_centerpiece Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_Joelle_stage_table Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_Joelle_centerpice_table Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_Joelle_cake_stage Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_Joelle_detail_rose Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_elie_saab_bridal_gown_dress Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamonds_necklace Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamonds_earrings Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamonds_bracelet Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0013 Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_manolo_blahnik_bridal_shoes Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_elie_saab_bridal_gown_dress_veil Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_manolo_blahnik_shoes_bridal Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamonds_ring Trade_Center_Zabeel_Dubai_Wedding_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_elie_saab_bridal_gown_dress_holding_handsAmna & Yazan,

You two…you two should be in a profession that has to do with chemistry. Seriously! With the sparks you share when in each other’s presence has affected my heart. In a great way. Your love made me believe in love all over again. And I love my job even more. If it revolved around meeting such amazing couple who are immensely in love, I wish and plan to be a photographer even at the age of 187.  I wish both of you endless success in every step of life. Both of you are beautiful in your own unique way and I love it even more when you guys are together. Never, ever, change! Ever…

~ Rima

Author: Rima Hassan

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