Wedding in Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai – Yousef & Khadija

He turned around and his bisht (Arab’s traditional robe) did a full swing.
It looked like a cape. Then he fixed his ghatra (white head piece for men) and flashed a smile at his princess. Everyone knew the new Arab super-hero was there to take his princess with him. To make the fairytale story more authentic, I gave him a name –  ‘The Ghatra Man’.

From the time Khadija sat on the super talented makeup artist Zareen‘s makeup chair, I remember nothing but laughing. It was a laughing riot. Without a single dull moment. Khadija’s much-anticipated-wedding was a dream come true. Zareen’s magic made her look even more stunning. Everyone who looked at Khadija couldn’t take their eyes off of her (mashaAllah times a billion).

People gasped for breath when Khadija made an entrance wearing her breathtaking wedding gown by Michael Cinco and holding her gorgeous bouquet by Fiore Design.  With tons of details such as bird-cages, park benches, flowers, water-fountains – my favorite – cushions that looked like wood-logs, The Great Ballroom in Le Meridien Hotel was spectacularly decorated and turned into a magical garden by Al Mahad Events.

LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_stage_almahad_event_entrance LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_garden_theme_kosha_decoration_stage_almahad_event LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_stage_almahad_event_centerpiece LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_stage_almahad_event_garden LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_stage_almahad_event_garden theme LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_stage_almahad_event_cake LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_stage_almahad_event_garden_kosha LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_stage_almahad_eventLeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_bouquet_fiore_design_michael_cinco LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamond_earrings LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamond_bracelet LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamond_necklace_Michael_cinco_dress LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_diamond_ring LeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_ringLeMeridian_Wedding_Photography_Dubai_Female_Photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_groomKhadija_Henna_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_stage_beautiful_0017

Here is a quick video trailer with decoration of their beautiful Dubai wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. GhatraMan

I can’t express how happy and emotionally invested I was throughout your wedding celebrations. Yousef, I’m sure you are super happy to have your princess always by your side. I can see the happiness through your SnapChats. Khadija, your family is the mosttttttt welcoming one I have ever met. From discussing the packages over amazing karak-chaye at your house to inviting me for food-tasting at the hotel way before your wedding, it was always a party hanging out with them. You are an incredible friend+sister who finds & spread the joy in life’s simplest moments. Always. I’m sure you’ll make Yousef’s life full of love, care, and laughter with your awkward awesome dance-moves 😀

Love you to the Pluto and back,
~ Rima

Click on the respective links to see Yousef & Khadija’s engagement/milcha party and henna party.

Author: Rima Hassan

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