Wedding in Atlantis the Palm, Dubai – Nikki & David

Soulmates. Instead of their names, that’s how they both should be referred to as: soulmates. Their union was nothing but love. Inspiring True Love. Full of devotion & passion. For which the greatest sacrifices may seem as sweetest delights.

Nikki contacted me few months ago from UK and expressed that she was having a wedding in UK but the couple wanted to have their blessing done in Dubai as they both love the city and its culture. Sharing her love for Dubai, of course I had to say yes! Upon meeting her, I realized that she’s even more lovely in person and she made an absolutely stunning bride. Her prince charming, David, was in awe by her beauty. These love-birds were surrounded by their close friends who witnessed them make vows of eternal love.

Nikki & David chose to have a destination wedding and celebrated their union, fiery and as pure as they themselves are, at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai.

Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_shoesAtlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_destination Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0060Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0045 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0115Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0052 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_groom_photographyAtlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0113Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0116 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0062 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bride Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0064 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0015 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0018 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_entrance Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0080 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_blessing Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0086 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0114 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0034 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0117Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0036 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0104 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0103 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0097 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0106 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan_0108 Atlantis_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_UAE_Rima_Hassan

Dearest Nikki & David,

Thank you for your trust in my work & for letting me share the joys of your wonderful day. I feel beyond honored to document your wedding. You two have everything before you. You shall do very great things as I have perfect faith in both of you. I pray that you love each other more passionately. Share each moment of your lives more cheerfully. Embrace each other more tightly. Fulfill each other’s existence with more strength, faith, happiness, and love. Always….

Love, ~ Rima

Author: Rima Hassan

Welcome to My blog and Thanks for stopping by. I hope your stay at my blog is fun, educational in some way, and hopefully relative to your own experiences and life. I hope to see you again! :) Love, ~ Rima

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